‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Brown Returns To Therapy 7 Weeks After Marriage Proposal

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

Sister Wives fans heard that Mariah Brown proposed to Audrey Kriss seven weeks ago. Assuming she must be 0ver-the-moon, congratulations poured in. However, it seems Mariah’s struggling with her mental health. In her Instagram post on Wednesday, March 6, she shared a sad-looking photo and said she’s returning to therapy. But, fans know it takes a lot of courage.

Sister Wives celeb Mariah Brown feels a bit vulnerable

In her Instagram post which she shared to her followers, Mariah seems a bit vulnerable. She noted that “it’s been quite a few months since” she “last visited a therapist.” Candidly, she shared, “I’m kind of scared because it can be scary to talk to another person about what’s going on with me.”

Talking more about her feelings, Mariah said: “I’m ready to take care of myself in this way.” Well, knowing when you need help’s often touted as the right way to go. In fact, that’s good and brave of Mariah. Actually, her sad photo makes Sister Wives fans wish they could hug her. However, that’s out of the question, so instead, they reached out to encourage her.

Marriage Proposal to Audrey Kriss

People broke the news last month that Mariah proposed to Audrey Kriss on January 16. Afterward, she spoke to People, saying, “[Audrey] made me a better person and continues to make me a better person.” Fans of Sister Wives loved it that Mariah chose to walk with her true love through her life’s journey. However, lovers, wives, husbands, no matter how much they care, sometimes miss the signals. That’s why Mariah choosing therapy means so much.

The young couple looks forward to a long and happy future together. Hopefully, with help from her therapist, and support from Audrey, things will come right for Mariah soon. Plus, Mariah demonstrated her courage, writing, “even when it is hard…I know it will be worth it.”


Fans reach out to support Mariah

Sister Wives fans immediately reached out to support Mariah. One fan said that there’s “nothing wrong with a life-coach.” Another added, “Therapy is THE BEST! good for you for committing to self-care maintenance!” Another caring comment notes that getting help is “the hardest step,” but after that, no regrets. @trainwithjustice summed it up very well, saying, “Get it girl! Self-care is the best care. Therapy saved my life! It’s one of my favorite ways to take care of myself ❤️ no shame in your healthy living game.”

More caring and loving messages poured in, with so many people grateful Mariah Brown’s on the right track to health. What do you think of Mariah needing therapy, when we all hoped she was delirious with happiness? After all, she only recently proposed to Audrey Kriss. Would you get up the courage to acknowledge you have a problem and go therapy? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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