‘Bachelor’ Finale Pictures Show That Reality Steve Could Have Part of Ending Wrong

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Reality Steve shared spoilers about how this season ends before it even started airing. Now, new pictures that are out from the finale look like Steve might have some of it wrong. Keeping reading, but only if you want to know spoilers for the season finale.

Reality Steve’s spoilers

The way that Reality Steve says the show ends is by Colton Underwood leaving to go after Cassie Randolph. He shared that they meet back up in her hometown. This makes it sound like it wasn’t easy for Colton to get to talk to her.

Steve shared that Colton sent both other girls home and went after Cassie. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, these two are dating now, but not engaged. It is starting to look like he is a bit off on the spoilers.

What do new spoilers show that happen?

Tonight at the end of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All they showed Colton knocking on a door. This knock could have been to talk to Cassie Randolph or one of the girls that were still there.

The Bachelor Spoilers Instagram page shared pictures from the finale. If you pay close attention to these, it is obvious that there are things viewers haven’t seen yet. Check the pictures out below.


These pictures show Colton and Cassie together in what appears to be Mallorca. Reality Steve thought this was where the final rose ceremony was going to be filmed. So maybe they did end up going there at some point. If so, Reality Steve doesn’t know that spoiler yet or at least hasn’t shared it.

Maybe the couple went back and filmed here later. If not, maybe they ended up going there and Steve missed something. For now, everyone is going to have to wait and see how it all goes down next Monday and Tuesday night on The Bachelor. 

How do you think that this season of The Bachelor will end? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss watching the finale next week on Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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