‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings’ Boyfriend, Ahmir Steward Takes A Break From Social Media

I am Jazz: Ahmir Steward

I am Jazz followers saw that Jazz Jennings’ boyfriend, Ahmir took to Instagram to say that he’s taking a break from social media. Mind you, he also tried to get a bit cryptic, so this may not be cast in stone. Also, when it comes to reality TV shows like those on TLC, we never really know what this presages. Somehow, it nearly always ends up in some drama on the show. Followers of the show know there are things brewing for Ahmir and speculation about his intentions grows.

I am Jazz shows Ahmir’s mom won’t accept Jazz is a woman

In the recent episode of the TLC show, we saw that Ahmir broke the news to Jazz about his mom. He said she’s “not actually as accepting as I originally thought she would be.” So, it turns out that his mom views Jazz as a male and not as a woman. Jazz responded by saying that “she misgendered me..she just sees me as a guy.” That puts Ahmir in a bad position as he feels her anti-trans feelings extend to kicking him out the house.

Essentially, his mom’s saying Ahmir is gay for dating her. Angry, Ahmir denied he was gay. He said “the most hurtful thing my mom said was that Jazz was still a man.  And that I would be gay for being in a relationship with Jazz.” Next, he confessed that he thinks of Jazz as being female. Nevertheless, despite his mom, it seems he still wants to stick with her.

Fans see where this is going

Lots of followers of the show watched her through her journey from childhood through to her teen years. But, now she had her gender confirmation surgery, suddenly coming up with a boyfriend really seems a bit scripted. Just how genuine this relationship is, gets discussed on social media quite a bit. Throw in the mother of Ahmir and you have a pot to boil. Could this be an opportunity to highlight intolerance on the LGBTQ community? Could this all be for the ratings?

Fans of the I am Jazz show are not stupid. In fact, before the episode even ended, they knew where this whole story of a trans-phobic mom would lead. When Ahmir started talking about getting kicked out of the house, fans just knew Jazz planned on living with him. To cut a  long story short, it took us into the realms of Jazz wanting her own place to set up with Ahmir. On Twitter, plenty of fans took aim at this aspect of “immaturity.” Maybe, that’s why Ahmir said he’s off social media for a while.

Or maybe not! We know from the preview of next week’s episode that Ahmir’s mom will tell Jennings that Ahmir hasn’t told her the truth. What’s his secret? We have to wait to find out. Could that be why he’s taking a break from social media? Maybe TLC told him to because, as usual, drama always comes out after their cast members “take a break” from social media.


Ahmir Steward takes a break from social media

On his Instagram, Ahmir said that he takes a “bit of a break from social media.” However, he added, “really but not really.” That’s the cryptic bit,  and cryptic really doesn’t work too well for him. He followed that up by saying that a video comes soon, referring to him doing “drag,” and he intends to answer “allllllll the questions.”

Could that relate to the fact that some fans on social media even wonder how genuine he really is when it comes to the transgender community?  This raised some flags with one person tweeting, “Wait Jazz boyfriend is straight and is a man, he doesn’t like gay men…he identifies hisself as a straight man who likes a transgendered girl.”

What do you think about Ahmir Steward saying he’s taking a break from social media? Is Jazz Jennings going to hear something about Ahmir’s real intentions?  Sound off in the comments below.

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