Reality Steve Shares Huge Spoilers About Cassie During Overnight Date’s That Changes Everything

Cassie Randolph from Instagram

Reality Steve shared big spoilers today about Cassie Randolph’s overnight date next week. Things are going to get really wild during the episode of The Bachelor next week. Steve already shared that it will all change during this episode when Colton Underwood finally jumps the fence.

Spoilers according to Reality Steve

Reality Steve isn’t holding back when it comes to spoilers. Today he went to his blog to share new information he found out about the overnight dates on Colton’s season. If you watched last night’s episode, you know that Cassie Randolph’s dad wasn’t ready to give Colton his blessing to propose to Cassie. Normally a dad says yes, but not this one.

Next week, Cassie’s dad will show up in Portugal. He wants a chance to talk to his daughter before she makes any decisions. Basically, he wants her to know that he doesn’t feel like she is ready for marriage. Instead, he thinks his daughter is too young and needs to take her time.

How does this go down?

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood have a daytime date that sounds like it goes well. After that happens, there is a break where they will get ready for the nighttime date. This is when her dad shows up and talks to her. He will really confuse her. There is also the issue that her dad never gave Colton his blessing to propose to his daughter.

After that, she will talk to Colton explaining that she isn’t ready for engagement. You know the fence jump is coming soon. Monday’s episode of The Bachelor won’t even get to the point where they go on their overnight date. The way this season plays out over the next few episodes is going to be different than what everyone is used to seeing.

Are you surprised to hear how things go down next week on The Bachelor? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC. In just a few short weeks, this season will come to an end.

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  1. I actually think this is horrible & if the producers knew that Cassie had any thought in her pretty little head that she wouldn’t be ready for an engagement they should have never left her on the show. Colton’s not my favorite bachelor but he doesn’t deserve to get his heart broken either. I know the spoilers aren’t usually wrong but I’m this case I pray they are & he chooses Hannah G. & they live happily ever after. She seems so nice & sincere & must of all willing to get married!!!!

    1. I would rather see him choose Hannah also, because Cassie and her family are trouble. Cassie is not very pretty at all. I don’t know what he could possibly see in her and her terrible family, if they don’t want her to marry or don’t like Colton it will never work.. He had two great girls, I think it is Hannah B. left on the show, at this point not sure, but Hannah, that is left or the one he sent home Caelynn were much better choices. Caelynn may be lucky that she is gone, and will someday find a loving sweet caring man I hope. She is pretty and deserves it. Although she needs to tone down that Pageant makeup. Both Pageant girls need to do that. So we have to wait, to see and I hope and doubt he will pick Tayisha, they are more friends. So going to be interesting!

  2. The irony of Colton’s decision making process is that he broke his own rules in selecting a woman. Colton should have known better and stuck to his principles. He said that the one fear he had was getting to the end of the season and picking a woman who was not ready to marry him. He also said he needed a father’s blessing to marry his daughter. So who does Colton pick? He picks Cassie. And Cassie is the one woman who was not ready to get married and the one woman whose father did not give his blessing! I mean geez! What is wrong with Colton? Colton says that he was falling in love with 4 women and he could be happy with any of them. So why pick the one woman who did not check all of the boxes? Let’s face it. Colton was the most physically attracted to Cassie. That is the one factor that superseded everything else in his decision making process. To be perfectly blunt, we have no idea why Colton and Cassie are even compatible. I personally don’t believe Colton loved 4 women at the same time. I bet it took less than a couple of hours, if that long, for Colton to get over a woman once he sent her home. I think he ranked the women on beauty very early on in the process. And Cassie was and has been no. 1 on his list since the beginning. With the possible exception of Tayshia, isn’t it interesting that the 4 finalists were the most beautiful of the women? That is not a coincidence. Tayshia might not be the most beautiful of the women, but she is still very attractive, very mature and she is a terrific person. If Colton had stuck to his principles and picked the finalist that he believed was the most ready to get married, this season could have had a happy ending. Caelynn told Colton point blank that she loved him ,was ready to get married and have children. But Colton let her go. Why? Being from North Carolina and coming from a conservative, family oriented background, Caelynn would have been a great pick. Furthermore, Caelynn has the kind of beauty that will age very well. In 20 years from now, Caelynn will still be drop dead gorgeous. Hannah also seems to have the traditional kind of values that Colton is looking for. But alas, Colton broke his own rules and chose the woman he was most physically attracted to. This soap opera is nothing new. Men have been making the same mistake that Colton made for centuries. It is right out of a Greek tragedy. Men confuse beauty and lust with love all of the time. It is scary how beautiful women make even the smartest man act stupidly. So there is no engagement for Colton and we are left with an unsatisfying ending. And here is one more thing. Since when is 23 years old too young for a woman to get married? It looks like from the spoiler alerts that Cassie’s Dad crashes the party and disrupts the entire process. I wish Colton and Cassie the best of luck but I never thought that Cassie was the best match for Colton. Like I said, Colton picks the package with the prettiest ribbon and bow on it rather than looking inside the box to see the actual present. But that is a mistake that millions of men have made so it is nothing new. Colton and Cassie are supposedly dating so maybe they they will have their fairy tale ending. Just my opinion!

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