‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Leaves Her Grandchild Axel Behind In North Carolina

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans heard in January that Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb were moving to North Carolina. Actually, they also heard that Maddie’s expecting another baby in August. This weekend, Janelle Brown took to her Instagram to share about leaving her grandchild behind. In this instance, she was talking about Maddie’s little boy, Axel.

Sister Wives‘ Janelle Brown left a piece of her heart behind

It looks like Janelle’s been in North Carolina with Maddie, Caleb, and Axel, as she wrote about how when she left, she “left this little piece of my heart with his mom and dad in North Carolina.” The move may be difficult for both Maddie and her mom, Janelle. In January, Maddie said to People, that they were very “excited” about moving on into a new life, but that it’s “sad to leave family.”

Fans of Sister Wives know that Janelle holds her family very dear, and most especially, Caleb and his family. Fans recall that in February last year, on the TLC show, Caleb and Maddie moved in with Janelle after Caleb’s health scare. At the time, Maddie revealed that Caleb suffered a pulmonary embolism.

Back then, Entertainment Daily noted that Janelle said that she “didn’t mind one bit.” In fact, Janelle then had to deal with Maddie and Caleb moving out again when Caleb got better. Now, she’s in Flagstaff, even further away, so it must be very hard on her.

Maddie Brush and Caleb so far away in North Carolina

TV Shows Ace noted in a previous report that it must really be hard for Janelle with her grandson so far away, especially with the new baby on the way. Grandchildren especially, bring so much joy. However, no doubt the Sister Wives family makes plans to spend at least some time together. Likely, Janelle won’t miss the birth of Maddie’s next baby later this year.

Actually, Janelle mentioned that as well, writing, “Not sure how It’s going to be having him so far away.” Janelle Brown’s a loving mother and grandmother, but she no doubt gets support from Kody Brown and the other Sister Wives. Also, fans of the show stepped up to offer a bit of comfort. Here’s what some of them said:

  • “Sorry, grandma! Make a plane reservation to fly out there in April or so!!”
  • “I feel you, Janelle. Mine are in North Dakota I’m in Alabama.”
  • “You will be fine but you will miss him I understand that.”
  • “That has to be so hard😭 Thank goodness for unlimited minutes and face time, unlike when we were young!”


Grandchild Axel and Janelle Brown face the same issues as many others

The modern age shrunk the world with advanced technology, meaning younger couples tend to move further away than in days gone by. Millions of grandmothers across the world face the same issues. For Janelle, she and her grandson now deal with the heartbreaking reality of separation. Saying goodbye brings heartache, but also means time spent together reaches new heights of pleasure. Hopefully, Janelle Brown holds onto that.

What do you think about Maddie, Caleb, and grandchild Axel living so far away from Janelle Brown? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. The program, Sister Wives, needs to be taken off the air. Bigamy is illegal. The entire idea of a man taking more than one wife is disgusting for women and children.

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