’90 Day Fiance’: Rachel and Jon Walters’ Updates In February

90 Day Fiance: Jon Walters - Rachel Walters

90 Day Fiance fans who follow Jon and Rachel Walters heard back in December that Rachel and Lucy spent some time in the UK with Jon. Now, in February, the couple updated on some facts about their lives. Rachel took to her Instagram to tell her followers what’s going on at the moment.

90 Day Fiance couple spend so much time apart

Fans of 90 Day Fiance saw Jon and Rachel very much in love on the show, but it’s been really hard for them as they spend so much time apart. To recap, we saw them marry in September of last year, although their actual wedding took place in May. E! News reminds us that “Jon is unable to visit Rachel’s home in New Mexico due to his criminal record and history of assault.”

Of course, the other complication for Rachel is the fact that her daughters Lucy and Ella, arose out of different unions. Therefore, Rachel can’t just up and move them out of the country because of this. However, they spend time together when they can, and in December, there came a wonderful time together, and then the tears of parting followed. Their situation sounds almost impossible, but they still work on the problems together.

Rachel Walters February 22 update

On February 22, Rachel took to Instagram to answer some of the most frequent 90 Day Fiance questions about what’s up with them now. Here are the answers and questions:

  • Q: Are Jon and Rachel still married?
  • RC: “Yes, Jon and I are still happily married. However, we’re still living apart.”
  • Q: Are they still saving for a visa?
  • RC: “We’re still working on trying to save for the Visa.”
  • Q: Are they doing a GoFundMe?
  • RC: “No, we won’t do a GoFundMe. We’d rather give back to people who want to help, which is why we’re doing Cameo’s (a personal shout out to whoever you want, with any message you want), and selling merchandise on our website.”
  • Q: Why doesn’t Rachel move to the UK?
  • RC: “I won’t move to the UK because I share custody with my oldest daughter and I refuse to leave her behind.”
  • Q: Why doesn’t Jon move to Canada?
  • RC: “Jon won’t move to Canada because they have their rules as well. It’s not that easy, unfortunately.”
  • Q: Does Jon get on with Rachel’s oldest daughter?
  • RC: “Yes. Jon has a great relationship with my oldest daughter, although they never met in person.”
  • Q: Why don’t we see Rachel’s older daughter on social media?
  • RC: “I don’t show my daughter’s face on social media because she wasn’t on the show. Her dad and I would like to keep her identity private.”

Rachel also talked about why Jon never met her at the airport on the 90 Day Fiance show. She explained that the crew couldn’t film at the airport, though she didn’t know it at the time. That’s why their “first legitimate meeting” was at “Paddington Station…under the clock.” Rachel added that the moment was “amazing.”


Jon Walters updates came out a bit earlier than Rachel’s

Jon also did some updates over on his Instagram a few weeks back. In his updates, he showed a short video of Lucy from December and said the poor little girl was not too well that day, with some kind of bug. Nevertheless, she’s a cutie and even smiled for the camera. Jon added that she’s nearly two-years-old. He noted that Rachel visits when her eldest is at her dad’s place.

Sadly, as it stands, he pointed out that Rachel can’t move to the UK but they are still working on getting that Visa. In fact, he said they’re getting “close to a Visa.” Then Jon, like Rachel made it very clear that they won’t go the GoFundMe route.  Actually, that’s refreshing as so many 90 Day Fiance couples do just that. In another post, Jon still seems determined to do the best he can. He said, “the promises I keep define me. I’m the man who will do whatever the F it takes.” He also mentioned that Rachel flies home in June, which sounds like he means that is when she is coming back to him in the UK.

So, it actually seems that nothing really changed since their updates on TV Shows Ace back in October. However, at least it sounds like the Visa may soon work out for them. What do you think of the fact that this 90 Day Fiance couple still remains so deeply in love? Do you think Jon and Rachel Walters might one day be together permanently? Jon once said that their time together is worth the time apart. What do you feel?

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  1. I think he should never be allowed in the US. We have enough criminals without adding another one.

    And to set the record straight, they already did two go fund me accounts, so that is bs. When they were is irrelevant, they still did them.

  2. Dawn:

    What so special with USA? He have make mistakes, have not you.
    It is better USA look after the real criminals instead, the real, they are everywhere in the world.
    John and Rachel LOVE eachother, look at them.
    John and Rachel we love you in Sweden.

  3. They have proved that they really wanna be together whivh is more than can be said of most of these couples all of us do stupif things when were young why cant they make an exception and allow him hes visa but say hell be on a probation of. Sorts

  4. I’m with you Marie. I have said before that the Producers should help them out since I, too, feel they have been the truest, most loving couple in ALL seasons put together. They are for real. Unfortunately they cannot afford the costs like most of the other couples who would have done better saving their money. It is sad to watch those who were able to move in together do nothing but fight, cheat and finally part ways. Then there is Jon and Rachael whom I would like to see more and more of. It would be such wholesome viewing. I watch their reruns especially the wedding.
    I, too, feel it is unfair he not be allowed a visa since he has changed so much and become a really outstanding man.

    1. I really couldn’t agree more. They are so much in love and love their children..Lord bless them with your grace and Love. Help them raise those beautiful children together. Rachel is so well rounded and loves her children as a 1 parent family now. Jon could only enhance that. Prayers they are together soon. they were one of the best to ever watch. I will not watch another 90 day fiancé, they both have what it takes to make a beautiful family..

  5. I think he should stay where he is, He has a bad temper and shouldn’t be around kids at all Rachel is just so desperate for a man he still lives with his mother!!! Hint hint girl please,you should concentrate on being a mother to your girls and leave that loser where he is

  6. I don’t know why you feel like that. He has not shown any anger since college. He truly loves Rachael and Lucy.
    As far as living with his Mom, she does not interfere with their lives. Nothing he did in the past should be held against him because it in no way compares to the things that are going on now around the world. Without batting an eye, people rob, kill, rape, maim, bury people alive, cut people up and dispose of their body parts in a number of places and show no sorrow. And let’s not forget all the children kidnapped and abused or those parents who kill their children. Have you watched Colt, Larissa and his mom Debbie?
    IMO that relationship of mom and son makes me ill. I feel so bad for Larissa. She did not stand a chance since day one.

  7. oh my god he was in college when all that happen come on like no one ever did any stupid stuff in college let the man in already

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