‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Wants To Run For Office In Utah – Reliving ‘Big Love’ Fiction?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives screened Sunday night and Kody discussed wanting to move to Arizona and then popped the fancy that he would like to run for office in Utah. Wait, what? Did Kody watch too much Big Love, the HBO drama that preceded his Sister Wives reality show with TLC? Daughter Mariah, unmoved, shows some perplexity about him wanting to return to Utah, noting they virtually “kicked him out.” Certainly, his wives,  Robyn, Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown look unimpressed with his ambitions.

Sister Wives fans see Kody’s political passion

Fans of Sister Wives saw Kody getting quite heated about Utah. Actually, he set up his dramatic announcement complete with whiteboards and posters, like he was about to announce his presidential campaign. Unfortunately, nobody in the audience of four cheered and clapped. His four wives looked shocked and Janelle ranted about the kids. Even Robyn seemed unhappy about Utah and politics. Meri said it was the first time he ever expressed any such thoughts to the family.

Kody said, “Listen, I might be suffering delusions of grandeur but I wanted to go. I wanted to run for office and I wanted to get in control of my destiny… I’ve been exiled from a state that I think as many people love me as hate me.” Well, he didn’t get his way on that, but he did move the family to Arizona. Undoubtedly, Kody still nurses that desire to change the polygamy laws by getting some political power.

Draw the parallel to HBO’s Big Love fiction

For those who don’t know, HBO produced a fictional drama series called Big Love. The series ran for five seasons, from between March 2006 and March 2011. Eventually, viewers considered it the “best-reviewed scripted series of 2011,” according to Metacritic. The fact that it was so successful may be the reason why TLC picked up the Brown family for Sister Wives in 2010. Fans went from the fictional story to the real story inside of six months.

The drama series starred the late Bill Paxton who acted as William Orville ‘Bill’ Henrickson. ‘Bill’ was the patriarch of a fundamentalist Mormon family in Utah. In the drama, he practiced polygamy and had three wives, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn), Nicki (Chloë Sevigny), and Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin). Quite realistically, the series followed the life of the family in Salt Lake City. They produced lots of kids and experienced the tussles between the wives over their man as the current show exposes. Furthermore, just like Kody, Bill Henrickson wanted to run for office in Utah.

Bill Henrickson’s run for office in Utah ended badly

Filmed mainly in California, the drama series showed Bill’s run for office initially worked out. Actually, elected as a Utah Republican state senator, he tried to make a difference. However, it all ended badly as HBO killed him off. His family never experienced the peace he hoped to bring about by being an insider who could influence the law. Similarly, Robyn Brown said in the Sister Wives episode this week, “When Kody starts talking about running for office…it’s never going to end, we’re never going to just have peace.” she added, “I just don’t want to do that again.”

Despite his efforts to change the law and influence the acceptance of polygamy in Utah, Bill died. The family underwent a lot of trials and hardships after the exposure of their polygamist relationship. In fact, the wives always suspected the neighbors, Pam and Carl. In the end, Carl, mentally ill, shot and killed Bill in his own driveway. So, it all ended badly for Bill. Sister Wives fans can only hope it never ends badly for Kody Brown if he ever does pursue his dream of running for public office in Utah.

Before his death, Mentalfloss reported that actor Bill Paxton said of the ending of Bill the polygamist, “The guy was really a revolutionary like Jesus Christ was in some ways.”


Reliving Big Love Fiction picked up by John Yates

John Yates picked up on the connection pretty quickly. Actually, the social media commentator posted up a shot on Instagram. He captioned it with, “That’s sooooooo Bill of Kody.” The gif text said that “Bill ran for the Utah State Senate in #BigLove Kody #SisterWives.”

What do you think about Kody Brown announcing his desires to return Utah and run for office? Do you think he watched too much Big Love, the fiction series? Maybe he sees himself as a “revolutionary like Jesus Christ,” as well. Sound off in the comments below. Remember to check in with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Sister Wives.

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