‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Episode 7 Takes Colton Back To Denver

'The Bachelor' Colton Underwood

Episode 7 of The Bachelor takes Colton Underwood and his seven remaining women to Denver, Colorado. This trip back to Colton’s hometown will feature not two but three one-on-one dates. Along with those three one-on-ones there will also be a group date with 4 of the women. Who will survive the dates in Denver and get a chance to take Colton to meet their families?

Tayshia Adams receives the first one-on-one with Colton

According to Reality Steve, the Denver trip starts out with a one-on-one date with Tayshia Adams. The Bachelor takes Tayshia out to spend the day with his dog Sniper and himself. They reportedly walk around Union Station. While Steve didn’t share many details of the date he did share the couple had some drinks and ice cream.

Colton and Tayshia’s date seems to be going well, however, on this date she decides to get serious. Tayshia tells Colton that some of the women may be deceiving him. Colton is upset by the accusations. In the end, Colton does give Tayshia a rose. This rose ensures her one of the four hometown dates.


Caelynn Miller-Keyes is next up for a one-on-one with Colton

The Bachelor’s next one-on-one date is with Caelynn Miller-Keyes. The couple reportedly start out the day skiing then watch a concert later in the day. Colton decides to question Caelynn about her intentions and she opens up. Caelynn is able to win Colton over and get a rose. She is also now guaranteed a hometown date. It has been revealed that Brett Young will be on this episode, so you can assume he is the concert they go to.

Which lucky gal gets Colton’s third one-on-one date?

According to Reality Steve, Hannah Brown is the recipient of Colton’s third one-on-one date in Denver. On this date, Colton and Hannah go house hunting. She also gets the chance to meet Colton’s parents. The two will then have a romantic dinner. It is during this dinner that Colton will decide that he just isn’t feeling everything he should be for Hannah. Colton Sends her home on this date.

After having three one-on-one dates Colton takes the remaining four ladies on a group date. Cassie Randolph, Hannah Godwin, Kirpa Sudick, and Heather Martin are the women who were on the date. According to spoilers, the women will accompany Colton to a cozy mountain rest stop where more drama will play out. Heather decides on this date that she is not ready for The Bachelor to meet her family. Heather will eliminate herself and go home. Steve reports that Hannah G. will receive the group date rose and ensured a hometown date.


The end of episode 7 leaves 4 women remaining

With Hannah B. and Heather already gone, one more woman will be eliminated during this episode. According to reports, Kirpa will be the woman sent home. This leaves Cassie, Hannah G., Tayshia and Caelynn with hometown dates. Who will survive the hometown dates in episode 8? Stay tuned for more upcoming spoilers. Don’t miss The Bachelor Monday nights on ABC.

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