Why Does It Look Like Hannah B. Gets a Hometown Date? Reality Steve Confirms

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The spoilers for this season of The Bachelor have been out for a while. Reality Steve has already shared that Hannah B. doesn’t end up getting a hometown date. The new preview makes it look like she does, though. Now, Reality Steve is on his blog explaining what is going on. ABC does love to confuse everyone and they just did it again. Luckily, Reality Steve always has a way of clearing it up.

Why was Hannah B. there?

Clear back in October, Steve was told that Hannah B. had a hometown date. He knew it wasn’t true at all. He kind of blew it off, but then he found out there is more to the story. There is a reason that it looks like she made it that far on this season of The Bachelor.

Hannah B. is in Alabama, but that is because she comes on her own. Girls have done this in the past trying to get someone to take them back. This was while he was there for Hannah G. and her hometown date.


How did she meet Colton’s parents

Hannah B. did get to meet Colton Underwood’s parents, but that was on a totally different date. The Bachelor doesn’t have his parents on the hometown dates anyway. This actually happened during a one on one date while they were in Denver. This will happen next week on the show. It will be interesting to see how it all goes down but obviously, she doesn’t make it to the end. It sounds like their date won’t go well at all in Denver.

This has really confused everyone, but Reality Steve is normally right. There is no reason to think that he would get it wrong. Hannah B. is almost done with her time on The Bachelor with Colton Underwood. You never know if you will see her again, though. Hannah B. is the perfect candidate to be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. It has already been renewed.

Are you surprised that Hannah B. doesn’t make it that far? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

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