‘Temptation Island’ Spoilers: It Appears Evan and Morgan Could Be Dating

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Temptation Island tonight was a bit wild as Morgan and Evan ended up in bed together. They were avoiding actually doing everything, but things did go further than they had before. Now, clues are coming out that make it seem like Evan and Morgan could be together now that the show is over.

Clues about Morgan and Evan

When Evan showed up he was with his girlfriend Kaci. Now, it looks like the couple possibly split at the end of the show and he is still with the girl he met on Temptation Island. Everything should be revealed when the season finale airs. Evan made it clear that he was willing to try things with Morgan.

First off, Evan and Morgan do follow each other on social networks. Evan and Kaci don’t post about each other at all. They may be trying to keep the ending a secret, but they aren’t doing a very good job of it. If Evan was still with Kaci you can’t imagine she would be okay with him following the girl he was with on the show. They have actually even been commenting on each other’s posts.

Temptation Island drama

On the show, Kaci had to watch Evan kissing Morgan. This wasn’t easy for her at all. Luckily, this week they didn’t show videos. You know that the next one she has to watch will probably show Evan crawling into bed with someone else, which won’t go over well. So far, Kaci has behaved herself compared to him. Maybe they will both decide that they aren’t good for each other. They have been together for about ten years, but aren’t even engaged at this point.


Do you think that Morgan and Evan might actually be dating now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of Temptation Island on Tuesday nights on USA Network. Things are really heating up.

Mandy Robinson


    1. Evan and Morgan deserve each other. Any woman desperate enough to take on a man whose cheated multiple times and treat an ex that way on national TV needs a Karma payback! Evan is the worst kind of man imaginable. Narcissistic people like that will never win. Only a matter of time. Can’t wait for their demise as nobody deserves it more than these two.

      1. I agree with Janet. Kaci is better off without Evan. Didn’t take him very long to drop his drawers. I wonder how long it will be before he does it to Morgan although this really shows where her integrity is. NO CLASS. Bye Bye Evan!

      2. Stop acting so holier than thou. Your sounding as though your proud of every decision you’ve ever made. Who are you to set in judgement of their lives?

      1. No man should ever be given an ultimatum, plus I’ve been where Evan is in a on and off relationship for a long time so if I found someone I clicked with like it seems like he did with Morgan you have to give it a chance, everyone deserves to be happy, you only get one life!

        1. BS Let a man date your daughter for 10 years and be a habitual cheater you would be singing a different tune. Evan is still a boy .Kaci deserves better and Evan will eventually do to Morgan what he did to kaci . I lost respect for Morgan when she wanted Evan to dumb his partner of ten years in a 30 second text. Kaci was there for Evan when his cheating father was murdered.

        2. Everyone deserves happiness but no one deserves to be cheated on let alone on national tv. I guess that’s what they signed up for.

      2. Really? Kaci is trying to force him to marry her. After 10 years he obviously doesn’t want that clingy spoiled brat. Good for him.

  1. You say Evan is stills a boy , Kaci can’t think for her self she’s listening to her family about her relationship that’s kinda immature, maybe that’s why it’s not working out, I’m not saying Evan isn’t wrong for cheating, but there’s no way in hell them two belong together

    1. Morgan and evan are disgusting.!!!! Even should be ashamed of himself to do that to kaci on national television for everyone to see. There is no justification for cheating. Build that relationship with morgan fine but wait till you break up with your girlfriend before taking it to a whole other level. My heart goes out to Kaci

      1. I feel that way too it’s just so mean to do to her she truly loves or loved him I hope she finds a good man who treats her like she deserves.

  2. I’m glad Kaci found out now. I know she is hurting, but if a guy is going to leave, it’s better now than after marriage and a couple kids.

  3. I like Kaci for Evan’s Smith..Morgan is so EASY TO GET, a FLIRT girl..Evan has NO SENSE OF RESPECT to the girlfriend KACI who was there for him on his downside..They need to be together..if not..KACI needs to find a good man NOW.

  4. Evan & Morgan–will go—All The Way–& Make it Permanent–!!
    John–for Some Stupid Reason–couldn’t see–Perfection—when it
    was Right in Front of Him–!!–He’s–a Fool–!!
    Katheryn–has noted–nothing–is going to happen–!!–At this–Particular Time–and because
    It’s–been–Too Long–She’s Moved On–!!—So Very Sad–!!–They were–Sooo Meant to Be–!!

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