‘NCIS’ Ziva David Shocker: Five Theories Of What’s Next

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The writers of NCIS gave Ziva David fans the biggest shocking episode ever. If you have not seen the series changing episode entitled “She,” please note that this article reveals the types of spoilers that will seriously surprise any NCIS fan who has not caught up with the show.

It is official. Ziva is alive. We didn’t see her, but Ellie Bishop heard from her. Right now, there are more questions than answers about Cote de Pablo, the character of Ziva David and what the NCIS writers have decided to do with this incredible bombshell. Here are five possible theories of what could be next with the Ziva David storyline.

Ellie Bishop Looks For Ziva David

One possible theory is that Ellie searches for Ziva. Ellie knows about the secret office. She may even do a little sleuthing to see if perhaps Ziva has created a security clearance using an alias and if she perhaps still has access to the NCIS computer. Bishop knows that this is a dangerous situation, but maybe she will run into something from Ziva that inspires her to help Ziva and give her a chance for a happily ever after.

Ziva David Trains Ellie Bishop

On the episode “She,” Ellie revealed that she wanted to know more about Ziva. According to USA Today, she explained to Nick Torres that the others in the office were “afraid” to talk about Ziva. Bishop seemed to admit a fear that she was not up to the same level as Ziva. Yet, Bishop said that she feels “cheated.” She thinks that Ziva could have taught her those very things that she “couldn’t get from anyone else.”

Ellie knows she could communicate with Ziva. What if Ellie is able to convince Ziva to train her and turn her into a ninja warrior?

Ziva David Saves Vance

In the recent NCIS episode “Toll and Trouble, Secretary of Defense, Wynn Crawford, diabolically asked for the dirt on Director Leon Vance from another shady corporate bigwig. This was clearly a set up for a future episode. Could Ziva follow what is going on with Wynn Crawford and wind up saving Vance?

NCIS fans may remember that on the fateful night of the Shabbat meal, Ziva’s father, Eli David, was murdered at Director Vance’s home. Vance’s wife Jackie was also murdered. Could Ziva be exposed when protecting Vance and perhaps reveal a bigger diabolical plot?

Gibbs Catches Ziva Helping Him

Could Gibbs catch Ziva trying to feed him info on a case? Could she now be the master of disguises and Gibbs figures out who she is because of a signature move, or because she is forced to reveal herself during a life or death situation? This is also a good time to point out the assumption that for many years now, Ziva has been there, around NCIS. Why hasn’t anyone spotted her? There is an opportunity for some interesting back story here.

Ziva And Tony Reunite

Most Tiva fans want to see a reunion between Ziva and Tony. Will NCIS give fans some real closure with the two of them meeting, openly expressing their love onscreen, and riding happily into the sunset, with the bad guys six feet under or behind bars for life.

While this still feels like a long shot, this seems like a good possibility. Why else would the NCIS writers open up this Pandora’s box after so many years unless they intend on giving the people what they want?

Right now, it does not appear that there will be more of Ziva in the upcoming episodes. They showed their “Ziva is alive” card. The NCIS writers are too savvy to not complete this story. Fans are thrilled now, but if there is not anything more this season, they may cry foul.

What We Know For Sure

What we do know for sure is that Cote will be co-producing the new CBS drama MIA along with Michael Weatherly. We don’t know if she will be starring in the new procedural drama. If not, she may have some free time to return to NCIS for an episode or a season.

What do you think will happen next with Ziva’s character? Do you think they could be one of these theories, or do you have one of your own? Please share your theory or your opinion about the bombshell episode. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more NCIS. Be sure to watch NCIS on Tuesday nights on CBS.

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