Anna Duggar Posts Letter From Mackynzie To Meredith

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On Instagram, Anna Duggar shared a sweet letter that Mackynzie wrote to Meredith. Recently, the Duggar family had a big Valentine’s Day party at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s home.

At the party, each of the family members was asked to draw a family member’s name. Then, they had to write and share a meaningful note about another person in the family.

At the party, Jana Duggar took all kinds of pictures and videos. She also explained how the get-together worked. Based on the videos that Jana Duggar shared, it looks like the party was a success.

For this occasion, Mackynzie was asked to write a letter to her younger sister, Meredith. Her mom then posted it to social media, saying that “Mackynzie wrote a super-sweet note to her little sister Meredith and other than a few misspells (like which witch is which đŸ˜‚) I think she did a great job — too cute not to share!”

In her letter to Meredith, Mackynzie says, “When I heard Mommy was having a baby (which was you) I prayed it would be a girl and it was! I was so happy that it was a girl I started jumping and spinning around.” Then, Mackynzie added a drawing on the back.

It’s so sweet that Mackynzie was able to share this message to her sister. We’re sure everyone at the Valentine’s Day party loved it!

Anna Duggar and her daughters

Anna Duggar is the mom of five kids. Her oldest is Mackynzie and she is nine years old. Michael is seven years old, Marcus is five years old, Meredith is three years old, and Mason is one year old.

Though there are about six years between Mackynzie and Meredith, the two seem to be best friends. According to Mackynzie’s note, Meredith is “the best sister in the world.”

In one of Anna Duggar’s recent posts, she shares a picture of the girls in 2016.

The picture also features their cousin. Even then, it looks like they are great friends. Mackynzie is gently putting her arm around Meredith and looks so happy! Because of this, they should be best friends for a long time.

It’s safe to say that their friendship has only continued to blossom over the past few years. It’s great that they are best friends and sisters so they will always have each other to count on. Anna Duggar must be doing something right and helping to build this friendship!

Can you believe how sweet Mackynzie is to Meredith? They seem like they are the best of friends! Be sure the catch the other Duggar family members on Counting On on TLC at 9/8c on Mondays.

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