Rumors Fly Lisa Vanderpump May Get New Spin-Off for Las Vegas Restaurant

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Is Lisa Vanderpump possibly about to get another show? How great would that be with Vanderpump Rules already being a hit? Lisa is close to opening her newest restaurant located in the Ceasar Palace in Las Vegas. Lisa is such a successful business owner and an amazing woman in general. She has gained a lot of respect from a lot of people. 

Lisa talks about her new restaurant

“When they ask you if you want to be in Vegas, that’s like the ultimate compliment,” Lisa shared. “They wanted to open a cocktail garden and I think they saw the brilliant design of TomTom I worked with [designer] Nick Alain and [my husband] Ken on, and they wanted something just totally fabulous, so they offered it to me and I said, yes!” How exciting is this? Have you been lucky enough to eat at a Lisa Vanderpump restaurant? If you’ve seen TomTom, you know that their designer is AMAZING. TomTom is so gorgeous and a big accomplishment for Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, who are some of the fan’s favorites.

Will this spin-off happen?

Why do we think a spinoff is in the works? They are in the middle of hiring staff for her new business. Lisa made the point that the employees needed to be okay with being filmed. They also needed to be comfortable with being filmed doing day to day jobs. What else could this mean? Lisa Vanderpump did make it clear that nothing was confirmed yet. The businesswoman makes sure to point out that she has yet to offer a job to any SUR employees, but it’s definitely not off the table quite yet. Who would you like to see work there?

Lisa’s main focus right now is the season of Vanderpump Rules that is currently airing. However, fans are so excited to see this new restaurant evolve and become something great. Lisa states that the show definitely doesn’t show the casts good side enough. They do look bad often. There’s a lot of drama that has been occurring on this season. Keep up with all of this drama Monday night’s on Bravo on Vanderpump Rules

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  1. She did state sometime ago, when this was in the beginning stages, that she would like Sheena there to oversee some things as she’s been appearing in Vegas and knows a lot…….

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