Is Adam Newman Returning To ‘Y&R’? Casting Call, Plot Line Look that Way

Michael Muhney, Young and the Restless-

There are rumors that Adam Newman is returning from the dead and back on Young and the Restless. Is Victor Newman’s dark and complex son ready to return from the dead and create havoc with those who live in Genoa City? A recent casting call and a mysterious plot line is pointing at the return of Adam. What do we know now?

Y&R Casting Call

There was a recent Y&R casting call looking for an actor in his 30’s to early 40’s, with “significant experience in film or television.” According to Michael Fairmain TV, this actor will portray a character who is “stunningly handsome, and supremely confident. He also has obsessive ambition, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants.”

Sounds like Adam Newman, right? But this casting call is for a character with another name. Could this be a red herring, or will Adam Newman fans finally get their wish and see him back on the CBS soap?

Will Michael Muhney Return As Adam Newman?

The question on everyone’s mind if Adam is back, does this mean Michael Muhney will return to expertly portray him? He has made it clear he would like to return. Over the holiday season, Muhney posted a video with his wife Jaime, and Sharon Case, who plays Sharon Newman, all at a party. The trio were lip syncing to the classic Fleetwood Mac song “Don’t Stop,” which was hardly a holiday song. This optimistic lyrics of the song and mini Y&R reunion has made Muhney fans wonder if perhaps Michael Muhney will return as Adam Newman and have a chance to audition for the role that he made famous?

Muhney, who is generally very active on Twitter has been silent since January 27. This is extremely unusual, especially as his former fellow Young and the Restless cast mate Kristoff St. John died tragically just a few days ago. Although other actors from the soap have posted online messages about Kristoff, Muhney has been unusually silent. His last post was from his latest photo shoot. It appears that the photographer enjoyed taking pics of Michael’s son Truman.

As for the photo shoot, Muhney was not forthcoming with any details. Did he need updated shots for an audition? Is he perhaps going to be on another show? Muhney fans may believe that there is too much of a coincidence that there was a Y&R casting call for a man in his 30’s or early 40’s, devilishly handsome, with considerable acting experience, at the same time he is doing a photo shoot, that has taken place about six weeks after reuniting with Sharon Case at a holiday party. Does this mean that Michael Muhney will return as Adam Newman?

New Writers At Young And The Restless

Many Y&R fans have recently rejoiced that Mal Young is out as head writer for the CBS soap. He had always made it clear that he was never bringing back Adam Newman. He was clearly not a fan of most characters on the show, messing up story lines and angering fans. Perhaps the happiest member of the cast who is glad Mal is gone is Eric Braedon, who recently claimed that Mal tried to “diminish the role” of Victor Newman.

The new head writer is Josh Griffin. Not much is know about his plans, but it may be a fair assumption that he could be assigned to undo all of Mal Young’s character disruption that led to a loss of fans. Could he be ready to bring back Adam Newman to cause havoc on Victor and really make the storyline juicy again?

Who Was Adam Newman?

Victor Adam Newman Jr. was born to Victor Newman and Hope Wilson. Adam always believed his father was Cliff Wilson, the man that Hope married after Victor. It isn’t until later that he discovered who his real father was and an angry Adam was unforgiving towards Victor Newman, despite the two being mirror personalities. Adam certainly inherited his father’s deceitful side, but he would sometimes surprise viewers with touches of his mother’s goodness.

Complex and devious, Adam Newman was truly Victor Newman’s son, unlike Nicholas. He was always scheming and busy making others pay for his unhappiness. His mercurial relationship with his half-siblings continued to keep the Newmans from trusting each other. The two main women in his life were Sharon Newman and Chelsea Lawson. In 2016, Adam Newman was killed in a cabin fire explosion by Chloe Mitchell, but no body was found.

The possibility that Adam Newman could be reborn has haunted fans for nearly three years. Currently, Katie Newman Abbott has an “imaginary friend,” and fans are beginning to wonder if this is Adam! This person seems to know a lot about Katie’s family. Could this figment of Katie’s imagination really be her uncle Adam?

Who Portrayed Adam Newman?

Several actors portrayed Adam as a child from 1995 all the way to 2002. Then, in 2008, Adam returned to the show as a fully grown, college-educated adult. The original actor playing adult Adam was Chris Engen, who only stayed on about a year. There was a bit of controversy on whether he left because of a homosexual role that he was not comfortable with, or with the role in general.

Then, Michael Muhney replaced Engan. He really made Adam Newman his own. He portrayed the outcast son of the powerful Victor Newman with the same intensity that Eric Braedon portrayed Victor. There were rumors that the two sparred on set, but on screen, they were well matched and viewers loved the drama. Muhney stayed on until 2014 when he was not re-signed by CBS when Justin Hartley replaced Muhney in 2014. Justin didn’t stick around for long, though. There was a false accusation that Muhney was inappropriate on set with Hunter King, who played Summer Newman. This turned out to be a false rumor that has haunted Muhney’s reputation. Most of all, Muhney had Young and the Restless fans behind him, and who still continue to advocate for his return.

When Justin Hartley became Adam, he showed a different side to the character that was much more redeemable. Despite resurrecting this Y&R character, Hartley left his role as Adam in 2016 for a bigger landscape. He was cast in a new drama called This Is Us, which became an instant hit.

As for now, Young and the Restless fans have to wait to see who is going to join the cast. It is now February sweeps month, and a great time to bring back an iconic character like Adam. Do you think that they are recasting Adam Newman, or do you see another character joining the show? Share your comments below. Make sure you don’t miss new episodes of The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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    1. Yes bring back Adam I miss him on the show. Watching him an Victor go at it made the show worth watching.

  1. The imaginary friend will be JT or someone else. It wont be Adam because the JT storyline needs to be wrapped up AND Mal Young would never write Adam back and we are still watching his scripts. Mal knew the audience wanted Adam and he didn’t give a crap about it. I hope Muhney will be coming back as Adam, if it’s not him, we don’t need the character back… but we wont see this storyline come to fruition for at least a couple three months so practice your patience people….Go Muhney!!

  2. than they need to bring Paul back as the police chief It was crazy he was let go in the first place I am so very glad Mel Young is gone He was death for Y&R

  3. Bring back Michael Muhney. He and Eric Braeden make unable-to-turn-away-from tv. Mr. Muhney is beloved by his fans who have stuck by him since 2014 – so The Young and The Restless, CBS, and Sony would be doing a win-win in bringing Michael Muhney back as Adam. CBS – Sony-Y & R could use some good karma and good will – and we, Michael Muhney and Eric Braeden fans – could use a good tv show. Please bring Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman.

  4. I am obsessed with mm. I wish w all my heart y&r would bring him back. I haven’t watched it in a couple of years. Too boring. But it will become must see tv if mm comes back!

  5. Long time fan of Y&R. Hoping Michael Muhney will be returning.
    Great actor, did a fantastic job with the Adam character and regardless of any rumored issues between him and Eric Braeden they lit the screen on fire together! Everyone deserves a second chance and especially for the greater good of a show!

  6. I think that it all depends on how the issues that he has with a few of the current cast members get resolved..
    The problem of not rehiring Muhney
    Is that Y&R stands to lose good portion of fanbase along with the issue that can Y&R find anyone else that can bring to the table what Muhney brought forth in the character of Adam..

  7. I believe it all depends on if the issues get resolved with the current cast members & also the fact of possible loss of fanbase vs gaining fanbase.. what Muhney brings to the table vs a new recast member regarding the role of Adam.

  8. I will never delete my copy of MM’s last day on Y&R. He should have won an Emmy. He made watching Y&R must see TV. Time to bring Michael back. The fans have spoken.

  9. If not Michael, what about James Scott? OR Jeffrey Branson (yes I know he appeared as Nina’s son, Ronan, but he has skills to portray Adam, too)

  10. I left Young and Restless after the amazing Michelle Stafford was let go as Phylis. And the the amazing, spot on actor Michael Mahuney was let go as Adam!!!! I was pissed and sick.
    I have never watched Y&R since those two were kicked off. NO ONE can play Phyllis like Michelle. She made that character.
    NO ONE can replace Michael as Adam. How fabulous was he as Victors son??? He had it all. He is EVERYTHING that you want Victors son to be. He is and always will be thee best Adam. They are going to try someone new who will never bring what Michael did to the plate. NEVER. Instead of wasting time with putting someone else in who’s just not going to cut it. Bring Michael back. Do the fans mean nothing to the show??
    We keep it on the air. How many fans did Y & R lose by getting rid of Michelle and Michael.
    And imagine Michelle and Michael hooking up. I am ecstatic that Michelle is coming back. It only took YEARS.
    I will have to watch now that she is back. But what a day if we could get Michael back in a role he made his.

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