‘Seeking Sister Wife’: April Briney Holds Painting Night For Aspiring Artists

Seeking Sister Wife: April Briney

Seeking Sister Wife fans interested in learning to paint can get ahold of April Briney to attend a painting night. She invited budding artists to message her if they want to attend. While slots are few, hopefully, this means that for those who want to learn to paint, more classes come in the future.

Seeking Sister Wife April Briney left Drew last year

Fans of Seeking Sister Wife despondent because TLC cut the Briney’s from the new season, heard that she took the kids and left Oregon. Inside of a week, Drew filed for divorce. Free, she took to her Facebook to explain why she left. Outwardly, TLC caused the relationship problems. However, inwardly, she knew things began unraveling before that.

Notably, she took just a few things with her when she fled, with law enforcement looking for her. In her Facebook post, she noted, “I was leaving behind all of my earthly possessions, the clothes, the art, the collection of treasured homeschooling supplies and best-loved books. Everything was gone save a single random bag stuffed with odds and ends and the clothes on my back.” Seeking Sister Wife followers know that April’s an excellent artist and leaving her art behind probably hurt.

Aspiring artists invited to message April

Budding artists who live in the area, Orem (Utah County), may contact her by sending a message on her Facebook account. In her post, April said that she took up painting again, and currently works on a floral piece of artwork. She said that people don’t actually need to be artists to attend. They just need an “open mind and a growth mindset.” Also, the Seeking Sister Wife alum said you should prepare to have “fun.”

April’s aiming to teach people about the “healing power of color.” She knows a lot about art and color as she studied illustration at Brigham Young University. So, this opportunity to paint with April could lead to something long-term. Although the post isn’t public, perhaps this coming Thursday won’t be the only time she hosts these classes. Her post dated in the evening, January 31, mentions this Thursday, so message and confirm for February 8.

Painting with April sounds wonderful

Seeking Sister Wife fans of April on the TLC show no doubt hope they learn to paint with her. At least, if her slots fill up, maybe more opportunities come in the future. How wonderful for fans to meet her and learn from her!

What do you think about April Briney holding painting nights? Would you attend if you could get there and fill a slot?

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