‘The Bachelor’ Alum Passes Due Date but Stays Positive

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The Bachelor alumni “Little Bekah” is expecting but has now passed her due date. That means we can be expecting a new baby added to the Bachelor Nation family any time now. Despite being pregnant longer than expected, Bekah is staying positive through the whole process.

The Bachelor alumni waits for her new arrival

Bekah was one contestant from Arie’s season of The Bachelor. She fought long and hard for his love but was ultimately sent home.

Now, she has been patiently waiting for her new baby’s arrival as she passes her due date. When she first found out about the baby she was nervous. Now, she seems excited. Being nervous is totally understandable as being a first-time mom can be scary.

Bekah posted on Instagram and she doesn’t yet know the gender of the new baby.

“I’m still here, pregnant…not in labor and dying to know the baby’s sex (I think girl!) I know it doesn’t really matter how you dress an infant based on their gender, but the “girly” and “boyish” shoes and accessories sure are cute,” Bekah posted on a giveaway Instagram post.


Bekah passes her due date

In another Instagram post, she talked about how she is passing her due date. She is so grateful for the journey so far and all the love she’s experienced from everyone the last nine months. Bekah appears to be glowing as she shows off her stomach. She’s even wearing crop tops to show off her full stomach proudly.

Bekah is very patient as she waits for the new baby. She even says she doesn’t mind waiting longer for the arrival.

“I actually have super-human patience right now.” Bekah went on to share “I know my due date is Tuesday, but I am perfectly at peace with going a couple weeks more. I trust my baby and I trust my body. He or she will come when they’re fully ready for the journey earth-side.”


According to Us Weekly, Bekah announced she is expecting a baby in September of 2018. The dad is Bekah’s boyfriend, Grayston Leonard. Since she’s kept fans updated with her progress through the pregnancy on social media.

Do you think Bekah will have a boy or a girl? Let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to watch The Bachelor Monday nights. Colton Underwood is well on his way to finding his one true love, you don’t want to miss the drama along the way.

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