‘Sister Wives’ News: One Wife Admits She Almost Didn’t Move to Arizona

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Sister Wives stars just moved to Arizona as a family. All four wives went along with Kody Brown, but not all of the older children followed. It turns out that one wife almost didn’t make the move with the family. In Touch Weekly shared the details.

Which wife almost didn’t go?

When you think about which wife almost didn’t go, most people would assume that it would be Meri Brown. Her relationship with Kody has been very up and down over the years.


It turns out that at first, Janelle Brown was really unsure about going to Arizona. It took her a while to be okay with leaving Las Vegas and of course, her first grandbaby. Janelle talked to Us Weekly about it. One issue was being worried about the kids adjusting. Here is what she had to say about moving.

“I was really conflicted. It really wasn’t about not moving, it was about the timing. In my darkest moments, I did consider staying behind. We finally came to a place where we were all at peace with it.”

How are things in Arizona?

Everyone in the Brown family seems to be really happy in Arizona. They are having one issue, though. Right now, their homes aren’t very close to each other. This is of course hard on the children who are used to being able to go back and forth from each home as they please. Hopefully, they will be able to get it all changed soon.

So far on the show, viewers haven’t seen the move or how this goes. You can tell that what they are airing is older content. Hopefully, they get to this Arizona move during this season of the show. Fans want to see how it all goes.

Are you surprised to hear that Janelle Brown almost didn’t go with them? Share your thoughts in the comments, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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  1. I am sick of this whole family, I am sick of seeing old stories rehashed over and over. The catfish story is ridiculous. For as much as enjoyed the show, I’m just downright sick of it. I am also tired of Kody’s man antics and these women who continue to kowtow to him. They are desperate women who need a man so badly they are willing to share him with other women. They need to get some “you know what’s” and leave this sucker. I for one have decided I will no longer tune in. Life is to short to waste on these people

    1. These women are like puppets,seem to go along with whatever decision he makes,why dont they find each a man of their own,God made Adam/Eve and not Adam and susan,pat,Margaret etc etc ,we have crying Meri,longing to have Kody to herself,tolerates the other women,they all need to move on alone and leave him to his own devices,are they so desperate?

    2. I’m with you same stories , if Meri wouldn’t have been looking for a boyfriend , she wouldn’t have been catfish and of story …I’m over this show

  2. I remember the show awhile ago when Kody and Meri were out to dinner. He was talking to her about bringing Robyn into the family(LOL) and she said how would you feel if I brought another man into the family and he was very upset with that. But you need to remember that his feeling is that Love should be shared not divided. That turned me against him at that very point. He needs to be in charge and these women are so sad that they would allow him to control there every move. If my husband said we are moving away from the children and grand children I would say well can you and I visit on the weekends. Noman would tell me where I am going to live and control my thoughts.

    1. None of the women wanted to go at first but what Kody wants, Kody gets! I will bet that Kody gets the one house for all 4 wives because they let him lead them by the nose. He is cocky about it too. He says that he will lead and they must follow. Those women are wimps….fat chance any man would make me do what I don’t want to do!!!

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