‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Who is Kirpa Sudick?

Kirpa from The Bachelor on Instagram

The Bachelor is a few weeks into Colton Underwood’s season now. Viewers have gotten the chance to know many of the girls, like Demi. One girl that has remained somewhat of a mystery is Kirpa Sudick. Viewers haven’t seen much of Kirpa but she comes away with a rose every episode. Who is she exactly?

The Bachelor Star, Kirpa Sudick on Social Media

After a little social media stalking, its obvious Kirpa is a fun loving sports fan who photographs great. Many photos on her Instagram are her having fun or her in a swimsuit. Her biography on Instagram is simple. It’s just where’s she’s located which is Los Angeles.


On Twitter, Kirpa proved again to be a fun loving contestant on The Bachelor. If she’s not retweeting funny tweets about herself, she seems to be tweeting out funny puns. Though she’s stayed on the DL since being on the show, this could mean she will be great for Colton. Colton is also fun-loving and seems to enjoy a good joke.

According to ABC, Kirpa works as a dental hygienist for her dad. She even said that one deal breaker for being with Colton is flossing. If she’s going to win The Bachelor, she needs to make sure that Colton flosses.

ABC also gives more information on her including that she likes hiking, cooking, swimming and reading. Her favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy and her favorite date that she’s been on was a trip to Disney Land.

The California native is 26 years old. Colton is 27 so they aren’t far apart in age at all.

Kirpa really sounds like a fun girl and might be perfect for Colton. If she wins The Bachelor she and Colton would definitely never stop laughing. Hopefully, Kirpa starts to show up more now that more and more girls have been sent home. Many other girls have been stealing the spotlight with their drama. It’s probably a good thing she hasn’t been involved in that yet.


What do you think of Kirpa? Do you want her to win or do you think she’s been too quiet so far? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch The Bachelor Monday nights. Every week is one week closer to seeing who Colton falls in love with.

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