Michael Muhney: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Former ‘Y&R’ Adam Newman

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Now that Young and the Restless head writer Mal Young has left, many fans hope that some beloved characters will return to the CBS show, and this includes former Adam Newman, Michael Muhney. Although Justin Hartley replaced Muhney as Adam in 2014, Y&R fans realize that the This Is Us star will not be returning anytime soon. Then in December, Muhney posted a video with Sharon Case, who plays Sharon Newman, and his wife Jaime, lip syncing to the Fleetwood Mac song “Don’t Stop.” This post has intensified demands from devoted Muhney fans that he reprise his role as Victor Adam Newman Junior.

Why should Young and the Restless bring back Michael Muhney? The Veronica Mars actor portrayed the mercurial Adam as a complex figure, similar to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, or Wuthering Height’s Heathcliff. He can be Hope’s good son or Victor’s evil offspring. Michael portrayed Adam with complexity. Muhney, a member of Mensa, offered soap fans a well-thought out character worth following. It has been five years since he has been on the show and fans are still demanding his return. What do we know about Michael Muhney? Here are five things you didn’t know about the actor who played the complex Adam Newman.

The Force Was With Michael Muhney

The late Carrie Fisher was a friend and mentor to Michael Muhney in his early days. Speaking on The Peloton Brief Podcast with cyclist/host Phil Gaimon, Muhney proudly shared that the actress, who portrayed Princess Leia, in the Star Wars series, helped him get his first role in Turks.

Michael Muhney And Michael Weatherly Competed For NCIS Role

Fate can be a crazy thing. When CBS was casting for their JAG spin off series NCIS, it was Michael Muhney and Michael Weatherly who were the final candidates for the Tony DiNozzo role. They had  Muhney portray a JAG officer for that pilot, and wound up forgoing JAG. Weatherly got the Anthony DiNozzo role, leaving Muhney without that dream gig. Now, as Muhney continues to try to reinvent his career, Weatherly has been on his own career reinvention. Several seasons ago, he left NCIS, and is now starring on Bull.

Michael Muhney And Wife Jaime Garrison Were Set Up By Her Sister

Early in his career, Muhney was pals with makeup artist Lyndsay Garrison. She thought he was a good guy, and always respectful towards other women. She noticed he wasn’t hitting on other women with cheesy lines and thought this was a good guy to introduce to her sister Jaime. Lyndsay was right. It was love at first sight for Michael. The couple had a storybook romance and married on February 11, 2000.

Michael and Jaime have three kids including daughter Ella Michael, 11, and sons Dylan Tyler, 16, and Truman Rudolf, 6. Recently, Michael reported that Truman has had some heart issues, and it appears the worst is over. Jamie comes from a well-connected film industry family. This includes her father, Larry Garrison, head of SilverCreek Entertainment, and her late grandfather Marty Hornstein, the famed Star Trek producer. Michael’s dad Mike Muhney is a software pioneer and well-known speaker.

Michael Muhney Is Followed By Fans And A Former President On Twitter

Want to keep up with Michael Muhney? He enjoys interacting with his 103,000 fans on Twitter. Those who follow him include many soap opera stars he worked with on the Young and the Restless, as well as the Bold and the Beautiful. Michael is even followed on Twitter by former President Barack Obama. How many soap stars can say that a President of the United States follows him? Maybe President Obama wants Michael to return to Y&R and reprise his role as Adam as well?

Michael Muhney Got Frustrated Over Role Like Eric Braedon Before Him

While there was some animosity and frustration between the actors that played Victor Newman Senior and Junior, the two actors actually had a lot in common in real life as well as soap life. Before Muhney was ceremoniously let go from Y&R, he admitted he felt trapped. He knew if he continued that this would be his life for the next thirty years, and his ambition was stronger than playing one, albeit fascinating, character.

Eric Braedon admitted that he began to become quite depressed when he began to portray Victor Newman. Soap Central reported that the iconic soap star wrote in his memoir, I’ll Be Damned, that he nearly quit the show. Luckily for soap fans he didn’t. Obviously, Michael Muhney’s Adam Newman path is a bit more bumpy. But, fans are still holding out hope that he will return to the soap and and make Young and the Restless great again!

Are you waiting for Michael Muhney to return to Young and the Restless? Do you want Adam Newman back on Y&R? Share you opinions and predictions below.

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  1. I’ve been wishing for MM to return. He was the BEST of daytime and his scenes with Sharon in NO were the hottest love scenes ever. But I also loved it when he was angry, determined, conniving or heartbroken. He is intense!

    1. Michael Muhney is the only actor we’ll ever accept as Adam. We did like Chris Engen very much. Didn’t care for Justin “white bread” Hartley. I don’t think the new Adam is going to be a good fit.

      1. Justin grew on me in the role of Adam but Muhney by far excelled in that role. I would have been happy with either one of them coming back but Muhney definately can keep the show going after Eric Braedon leave. Not feeling this new Adam.

  2. Definitely want him to return. He was AWESOME as Adam Newman. Should never let Eric Braden push him out. They were perfect together!!!!

  3. Y&R would get such a boost if Michael Muhney returned. Fans would be so very happy to see this. He is a great actor and portrayed Adam with such intensity.

  4. Michael Muhney portrayed Adam Newman so well, he is the reason I kept watching Y&R for many years! The soap is boring now that Michael Muhney is off! All the new actors they have brought on the show are despicable. I am so bored with the show now, I think General Hospital is going to be my soap I will be loyal to

  5. We are begging for his return. Hartley was good but he was not Adam. Adam fits the role as Victor’s son. They are just alike! Please!!!

  6. Please come back to Y&R Michael- we need your Adam to add lots of drama to the show! The anger & complicated relationship between Adam & Victor brought out the best and worst in both characters. Your portrayal of Adam truly made him Victor 2.0! No one else can do that.

  7. I am confident that Sony will never allow Michael Muhney back on set. Knowing what they know about him even his talent cant overcome that.

    1. What are you talking about, everything that was said was false. You must be to young to know who he is! No nay sayers of Michael Muhney Please!!!!

  8. Michael Mulney is such a talented actor! The years have gone by but your fans are still here. 2019 is the year! It’s time Y&R listen to your fans.
    He is brilliant & masterly in the way he portrays Adam. Superb actor.

  9. If anything was to happen to Eric Braeden and he couldn’t or wouldn’t continue as Victor Newman, Michael Muhney is the only actor with the screen presence & command to carry Y&R deep into the future. His timing, facial expressions and delivery are that of an A-1 actor and until Billy was turned into a wimp & a biatch no one could match MM’s acting skills.

  10. Please bring back Michael! He is the ONE TRUE ADAM NEWMAN. His skills as an actor are phenomenal. He brings an intensity to the character that NO ONE else could. His portrayal of Adam is why Adam is redeemable. No matter what evil thing he does, you love him and can forgive him. I began watching Y&R loyally in the late 70s…since Michael was let go I can take it or leave it. The past year has been more leave it. If Michael comes back..it will be MUST SEE EVERYDAY for me. The PTB brought back Doug Davidson (so happy to hear) because the fans demanded…we are DEMANDING to have Michael back too. Listen to your fans or continue to watch the ratings circle the drain.

  11. He is the best Adam! Please bring him back. Storylines have been so bad lately, bringing Muhney back will put this show back in the high ratings I, for one, am so tired of these silly stories. He will put interest and excitement back in Y&R!

  12. My husband and I loved Michael Muhney as Adam! 😊 Show won’t be near as good with a new one! I almost stopped watching the show when they killed Maura West off! Show is just not as good now! JUST BRING MICHAEL MUHNEY BACK AS ADAM! 😊 THANKS! 😊

  13. Michael Muhney is a great actor and he was perfect for the Adam Newman role. Stop wasting your time casting others, bring Muhney back!

  14. Shame on you writers. We don’t want another new Adam. We want Michael. Your losing fans as you will find out!!!!!!!!!

  15. The new Adam will never make it. Many fans were devastated when the role was recast without Michael Muhney. Have quit watching boring story lines as well as to many recasts

  16. Justin grew on me in the role of Adam but Muhney by far excelled in that role. I would have been happy with either one of them coming back but Muhney definately can keep the show going after Eric Braedon leave. Not feeling this new Adam.

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