’90 Day Fiance’ Star Ashley Martson To Take a Social Media Break

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90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson is going to have to have surgery for her kidney failure. The reality star was taken to the hospital recently from kidney issues that were caused by her lupus. E! Online shared that she is about to take a social media break because of what is going on now.

What is going on with Ashley’s health?

In the last few weeks, Ashley has been in the hospital twice due to her kidney issues. The doctors have decided that she needs to have surgery. Hopefully, this will help her to get to feeling better.

Jay was not in the area when this happened, but he got on an airplane and rushed home to be by her side. Even if they are having issues, Jay was supportive of her when she needed it.


Ashley to step away from social media

It turns out that Ashley is going to step away from social media for a bit due to this surgery. Ashley has been sharing on social networks about her journey. Now, she is going to take some time to focus on her health instead.

Her Instagram post said, “I will no longer be doing any new promos, endorsements, cameos, or any PR as of Feb 8. Out of service for repairs.” Ashley will be losing money by not doing any of this, but she seems to be doing what is right for her. She did share that if she already signed a contract she will finish the work as promised. This is the right thing to do but may not be easy for her after having a surgery done.


As of right now, Ashley Martson hasn’t revealed exactly what she is going to have surgery for, but everyone will have to wait for her to share the news.

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