‘The Bachelor’ 2019: Cassie Randolph’s New Post Seems Like Clues to The Ending

Cassie Randolph Instagram

Tonight on The Bachelor 2019 the viewers got to get to know Cassie Randolph a bit better. The fans are already enjoying getting to know her. As the show was coming to an end, Cassie actually went to her Instagram to share a post that really had the fans wondering. Now they want to know what she meant by it.

Cassie’s post tonight

Cassie was on the big date tonight where they were pushing huge tires as part of the competition. You can see her post below that she shared.


So what could she mean by this post? It is a bit confusing but she put a wink at the end. If you do not want to know how The Bachelor ends this season then stop reading now. The next section is going to give away possibilities of what Cassie Randolph might mean.

Huge Bachelor spoilers

The spoilers are already out about who wins this season of The Bachelor. Reality Steve has shared and if he is right as usual then you are going to want to keep reading, but only if you want spoilers.

In the end, Colton allegedly picks Cassie Randolph. So yes, she is the one who secures the ring at the end. The thing is she isn’t ready for it just yet. Like her post says she doesn’t want to be engaged. So instead, Cassie goes home and Colton has to chase after her. The two are still dating, but there is no ring. Now, she might be wanting Neil Lane to make her one very soon, though.

Do you think that Reality Steve has the ending right? It certainly does look that way from the post that Cassie just made on her Instagram.

Are you shocked by what Cassie put on her Instagram? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC.

Mandy Robinson


  1. Why did Cassie go on the show if she wasn’t ready to be engaged? She knew that was going to be the end result

  2. Remember every movie, TV show has Makeup artists, Producers ,Directors & WRITERS. This show has to make money, even though they have sponsors, it has to be a success. There’s always ACTORS in this Drama show. There’s admissions the show pays for and true Acting thats pays well also. You know your part and play it. Colton knows before the show of all the applications , background checks ,which one he wants to go on adventure with for the DRAMA. In the end Love is found with his selection or he stays a Bachelor ! There may only be a few he is interested in at the beginning, but show has to have many girls to eliminate in the series to make it real. Simple it’s a TV series.

  3. I was glad Cassie left, Hannah was the best choice. If Colton chases after Cassie he will probably get screwed over.

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