‘Seeking Sister Wife’ News: Ashley Snowden Explains The Dot Between Girl’s Eyes

Ashley Snowden Youtube

Tonight on a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife Ashley Snowden looked a bit different. Ashley and her daughters with husband Dimitri all had a red dot between their eyes. Fans wondered what this was and Ashley explained it. You would think it had to do with religion, but it actually didn’t.

Ashley explains the dot

On the show tonight, Ashley explained that this dot doesn’t have to do with religion at all. Instead, they consider themselves spiritual beings.  The family believes in universal awareness. They wear this dot so that they can have insight into that awareness. They actually feel like it represents a third eye.

Ashley isn’t the only one with it, though. Their younger daughters wear this as well. This might be part of the issue in finding a new wife. They need someone who feels the same way as they do.

Snowden family last season on Seeking Sister Wife

Last season on Seeking Sister Wife, the Snowdens met with a woman who was a potential sister wife. Things didn’t work out, though. Dimitri actually slept with the woman and then she lied to Ashley about it when she asked her. This was enough for Ashley to decide she didn’t want her to join the family.

This season on the show the Snowden family is planning to try and find another sister wife. They shared that they have been trying to do this for nine years. The family hasn’t found their match just yet, though. Maybe it will happen this season.

About Seeking Sister Wife

The show Seeking Sister Wife is about finding another sister wife for your family. There are several couples that are on the show. Some already have more than one wife and others are just looking to add their second. Last season was pretty interesting. It will be nice to see if any of these couples can find a wife to add to their family this time around. They are all trying pretty hard and even have potentials.


What do you think of Ashley and Dimitri Snowden? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss the new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife on Sunday nights on TLC.

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  1. Dimitri is a scum bag. Sleeping with other women, without your wife’s knowledge, is called cheating! All he wants to do is sleep with other women.

      1. Totally agree with you all! He is so gross and these women give him way too much power!!! Soooo grosssss

  2. All of them are fools. Have no clue what marriage means and honestly it’s sicking. I don’t care what she says on camera she has low self esteem and lacks what it truly means to be a wife and mother. Those poor babies growing up with those two as parents and the crazy continues with her red dot that she calls a third eye, very demonic if you ask me. They need Jesus, only He can give them a true sense of purpose. I’m seriously praying for them!

    1. Third eye, hasn’t done anything for them except make them look foolish. I don’t see him wearing it, I would be embarrassed as all help especially with the children having that dot too.

      1. This entire show is filled with adults (age only) that don’t have a clue about love and family. This family shows no emotions or warm feelings toward each other. The Snowden family looks staged to me. The red dot means a third eye. That is just crazy. They need to use the two eyes they already have before the draw another one.

      1. Let’s see now…Vanessa had to go on a rigid cleansing diet before intimacy with Dimitri so she didn’t expose them all to a yeast infection. She had to sacrifice changes to her diet and remain celibate for how many days?

        Dimitri, meeting a potential sister wife wasn’t concerned yeast or anything else. He just slept with her. Day one.

        Wasn’t worried about passing anything on to Ashley. Probably would have done same with Vanessa except Ashley wasn’t having it and kept close tabs on them both.

  3. A new belief? They didn’t wear the bindi (third eye dot) last season. I think the backlash they got with people thinking she just wanted someone to help around the house and he just wanted sex so they needed something to make them seem more legit than just wanting another partner.

  4. THEY AREN’T EVEN LEGALLY MARRIED. These people are frauds. He is so skeevy and she has zero self-esteem. A shame.

  5. He’s a jerk who just wants hot women to sleep with. She however is an idiot. Red dot and all. I hope this thing blows up in them. Hard to be happy for idiots.

  6. I feel that making up your own meaning for their “ third eye” is disrespectful to people who wear that as a religious symbol??? They are weird. Daddy just wants cute sex partners, while Ashley just does what he thinks they should do. Also, this new women coming into their relationship is an idiot, or a fame seeker. She can’t be that stupid, can she??? Ashley, grow up, and get a backbone, he’s a cheater!! And with that stupid smile on his face! Then he agrees “ no sex yet with a new “ sister wife” until you both agree? What are you teaching your children? Get some help for yourself. This is a disgrace to all the legit “ plural families” and a disgrace to your own good name, before airing this “ new season of beliefs” can’t wait to see beliefs of next new season.

    1. If these women were true females they would never live with a overlord man. Check back in 2yrs or less they will be a wreck as will the child. So selfish they have no concern for the many messages and mixed messages they send to that child.
      Selfish people produce screwed up kid.

  7. I’ve been a fan of these shows since the beginning of them. My husband and I are not polygamists nor our children. However, I find their way of life very intriguing. I think the people that choose to live this lifestyle extremely admirable in so many ways we could be here for days discussing. Anyhow, not to belabor, and getting to my main point/opinion. Where the Snowdens are concerned..In All Honesty, noone can really know what’s going on with them. We can speculate and interpret in our own ways, we have that right, But to publicly attack people on social media (not just the Snowdens), is entirely the opposite of what God would want us to do. Suggestions are one thing, because they can take them or leave them, But when we start spreading hate words, all it does is hurt. Let’s remember folks that most of these people have children and many of those children can read. How does society apologise to these families for hurting their children, they can’t, all society can do is be mindful of the things we say, do and type. An example of what I’m trying to say is in my home, I personally don’t eat any form of pig meat for personal reasons. My husband and children do, because I felt it not fair to force my beliefs on them. If Vanessa can change her entire way of life to suit the Snowdens, so she can become a member of the family, kudos and more power to her for being able to do so. If it were me in Ashley and Dimitri’s position, I would work with her and maybe give some leeway on certain things or more time to adjust, But that’s me, not them. Only my opinion and suggestion: I pray for this family as well as Everyone for the best possible life including; God, love, peace, happiness, safety, security, etc….. May God Bless Everyone 🙏

    1. I agree with you! You’ve posted the first thing that makes sense to me! All these women posting hateful things on social media hate their lives. I hope the Snowden’s all the success!😏😎

      1. I totally agree, just because something isn’t for you does not mean you need to bash or belittle someone because you have different beliefs than them. To eaches own!

    2. Thank god someone has written something positive – I agree with you Leisa. Why are people watching if they don’t like them. I like all of them. – the Snowdens and Vanessa.

  8. It’s sickness !!what black women do you know would except another women screwing her man!! Why can’t these female flip the script? One thing for sure they can’t call them ghetto, people in the hood would throw some lye in your face!!!

  9. Staged, for real. I mean lets go through a 21 day ph cleanse before you sleep with me? Well sure was not a cleanse goin on with the last one slept with her the first time. Different standards for different situations?

    1. LOL!! So true!!! And- they NEVER mentioned the diet as a “prerequisite” to consumating the relationship? WTF?!? Ashley is SO not on board w/sharing Dimitri!
      Poor Vanessa- she’s been hoodwinked by “the Snowdens” (since Idk what Ashley’s real surname is).

  10. I think they are a beautiful family. I’m not a polygamist nor do I know anyone who is. I actually always frowned upon it til I saw it on tv and did some research. And I love the Snowden’s interpretation. Their calm, cool and collected, and are completely honest with eachother. I’ve been fascinated watching them interact. I know it’s not for everyone, but it works for them in a manner that just seems to be very caring yet carefree. I wish them all the happiness!

  11. OMG! A bindi is SUDDENLY a philosophically based addition to the females of the family and the family’s connection with the universe?? Please!! And how/why is it that “the Snowdens” (IDK Ashley’s real surname), NEVER mentioned their diet as a “prerequisite” – and henceforth apparently a permanent requirement to consumating the relationship? WTF?!? Between the “diet” having not been an issue when Dimitri previously had sex w/o permission and its now current requirement, obviously Ashley is SO not on board w/sharing Dimitri!
    Poor Vanessa- she’s been hoodwinked!
    I really respected and enjoyed watching this family last season. But at this point, they have begun to simply disgust me.

  12. I agree with some of the above statements. They should have set some ground rules way before meeting anyone to consider. That should of been said up front. The other polygamy families that you see on TV don’t do this cleanse?? I am just wondering why ashley agreed to living this way from the start. Demitri wants a big family, he should of married someone who is friends from the duggars. Then he could just have one wife give him all the kids!!

  13. Well I for one think Ashley is delusional and I agree that she has self asteem issues I also think that Dimitre is just using this so called religion or lack there of to screw pretty women. That is why he slept with the other girl that was on there. What message are they sending to their children. Dimitre is straight nasty and all he wants to do is to screw more and more women and poor Ashley is just giving him the green light to do what he wants to do anyway. Marriage to them is clearly a joke.

  14. Well in my opinion, Dimetri is just using this whole thing this whole show to sleep with other man. Because first off a real Sista would never even entertain the though of another woman sharing her man, I think Ashley is clearly misguilded and delutional. I feel sorry for the kids that have to grow up and be a part of this hot mess of a family He just wants to screw other woman Point Blank Period

  15. Omg! Just let them live their lives and keep your hate to yourself. They are making decisions about THEIR lives, as we all have the right to do. They are kind, intelligent, loving people and you have no right to judge them. I’m quite certain they would never judge you. Maybe you feel threatened by their happiness.

  16. They are a bunch of flakes. Cultural appropriations, of Indian culture.
    If they don’t know who they are then how the he’ll can they raise kids ?
    Ashley claims they want to “build an empire “?
    Is this another bunch of Fundy religious freaks?

  17. In certain dharmic spiritual traditions the third eye refers to the chakra. … The third eye is often associated with religious visions, clairvoyance, the ability to observe chakras and auras, precognition, and out-of-body experience. These people are saying they are spiritual but to whom and with whom? They are so far away from God or any decent soiritually.

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