Nick Viall Opens up on Heart Breaking Love Story with Kaitlyn Bristowe

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According to Peopleduring Nick Viall’s recent podcast on The Viall Files, Nick Viall opened up on his relationship with Kaitlyn Bristowe before she went on to to chose Shawn Booth. The love story starts out sweet but ends bitterly when Kaitlyn decides not to choose Nick.

Nick Viall and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Love Story

Kaitlyn and Nick originally met when Kaitlyn was on The Bachelor and he sent her a message on Twitter. The two talked all the time and eventually even started Facetiming. All of that changed when Kaitlyn was in the running to be The Bachelorette and ended up getting it, even though Nick told her he hoped she didn’t get it. Although that may seem rude, it’s understandable if he really did like her.

Kaitlyn did end up becoming The Bachelorette, but they kept a flirty relationship for a while.

“At that point, she was just kind of a friend and we were kind of going down that path of flirting and talking ridiculous things, and then that kind of snowballed when she went on Kimmel. I remember her texting me and saying, ‘Hey make sure you watch.’ She was like, ‘I’ll throw you signals. I’m going to keep touching my lip with my fingers.’ She did that,” Nick said.

When the network tried to recruit Nick for Bachelor in Paradise he explained it would be different if Kaitlyn wasn’t the Bachelorette. Because of that, they let him meet her in person. Kaitlyn said that if they met she would pretend like she liked the guys on her season even though she really liked Nick.

“She was like, ‘Just come.’ And I said, ‘Well what would you do if I come?’ She said, ‘Ill just fake it with the rest.’ She did say, ‘There is this one guy. I do like him. I have this connection to him.’ Come to realize that was Shawn at the time.”

Nick and Kaitlyn move on

In the end, Kaitlyn picked Shawn, leaving Nick Viall behind despite their cute love story leading up to her being on The Bachelorette.

“She did me a huge favor in picking Shawn,” Nick said. “They clearly were a good match. They didn’t work out. They dated for three years. I don’t think Kaitlyn and I would’ve ever come close to that.”

Kaitlyn and Shawn have now also split even though they were together for three years. However, it looks like Kaitlyn will be keeping it in the Bachelor Nation family as she goes on a date with Jason Tartick.

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