Jana Duggar Finally Makes Her Instagram Debut

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Many of the Duggars have created Instagram accounts, but it’s usually only once they start courting or get married. Jana Duggar, who is not officially courting anyone, has just created an Instagram account of her own though!

Jana Duggar’s new account

On January 10th, Jana Duggar shared her first post on her brand new Instagram account. Her follower count is steadily increasing as more fans find her account. It’s safe to say that her fans are looking forward to all of the posts she has to share. The bio of her account includes a Bible verse in typical Duggar fashion.


In the post, her nephews, Spurgeon and Henry, are sitting together and watching something on a parent’s phone. Jana Duggar calls them “best buddies”! Spurgeon and Henry are Jessa Duggar Seewald’s two children. Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband, Ben Seewald, are also expecting their third child together!

So is it really her account?

At first, fans were unsure that it was actually Jana Duggar’s account when it went live. So many people create fake celebrity accounts so there was naturally some speculation.

Fortunately, Jana Duggar’s sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, welcomed her to Instagram shortly after that first post was live. All of the fans in the comments of Anna Duggar’s post seem to be pretty excited about the account!

Usually, when a Duggar joins Instagram it’s because they have entered a courtship or even gotten married. Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter and will turn 29 on January 12th. It looks like she decided that now is the time for her to join social media.

As of right now, Jana Duggar only has one post up on her account. It’s likely that she will continue to add pictures of all of her cute nieces and nephews. Maybe there is a courtship in her future as well. If so, the news will surely break on her personal Instagram account first.

What do you hope to see from Jana Duggar’s new Instagram account? Will you be giving her a follow? The Duggars return to Counting On on TLC on February 11, 2019!

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