‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Thompson Shares her Love For Cooking

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Sister Wives comes back to our screens on January 20, 2019, on TLC and Aspyn Brown Thompson features a lot. Ahead of the new season, and following her wedding in June, she shared her love of cooking with fans on Instagram. Fans of the TLC show know that Aspyn married Mitch Thompson in Sandy, Utah.  Certainly, it looks like she’s loving being married.

‘Sister Wives’ Star Aspyn is the daughter of Christine Brown

Aspyn is the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown. She also the sister of Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, Truely and Paedon. The new preview for the 2019 season of Sister Wives shows the family preparing for her wedding. Additionally, we will get to see the engagement announcement. Mitch and Aspyn knew each other for years, drifted apart and then met up again at a rally. That was shown towards the end of the last season on Sister Wives.

In the new promo for the next season, we see that Mitch and Aspyn discuss their thoughts on polygamy. And, no, it seems polygamy is not at the top of their to-do list. For now, they look radiant together, so it seems marriage suits them very well. The couple just celebrated their first Christmas as a married couple together, and Aspyn’s photo showed them all snuggled up in front of the tree. And, what better way to keep a young family closer than by sharing meals together?


Aspyn Brown feels it’s important to learn cooking

In her post that showed Aspyn surrounded by delicious-looking food, she said that she feels it’s “important” to learn to cook. Certainly, this seems something she’s not afraid to undertake as she says she’s “loving it.” Aspyn enjoys the creativity of making a meal or baking something. However, more than that, she enjoys getting to share it with friends and family. Her sense of humor showed as well when she used the hashtag #dontlooktoocloseatmymessykitchen! Hopefully, Aspyn shares some of her recipes with Sister Wives fans. Janelle Brown often does, and she gained quite a following in the kitchen.

Actually, when the Brown women start cooking, their posts become a little difficult to stay with because the input by their fans sounds so delicious. One follower suggested that Aspyn cook a giant pot of chili and store it for regular meals. Other suggestions included “banana and oatmeal muffins,” “lasagne, lentil curry,” and “hash brown casserole.”


Perhaps during the new season, followers will see more of Aspyn Brown Thompson’s baking. What do you think about baking, cooking, and then sharing it all with friends and family? Do you think it’s a bit of an old-fashioned lifestyle? Sound off in the comments below.

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