’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Martson On Trolls, Says She Earns Money From Them on Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson

90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Martson and Jay Smith both had fake GoFundMe accounts in their name and this brought out the trolls. However, Ashley noted on her Instagram that she earns money off them through endorsements. Perhaps she’s just tired of all the drama, but most celebrities don’t brag about their earnings on social media. Her comments came after she tried to warn people not to donate to the GoFundMe to send Jay back to Jamaica.

90 Day Fiance couple trolled but Ashley profits

Despite using caps to warn the 90 Day Fiance followers that they should read the post first, that failed to stop many of them, who just auto-assumed it was Ashley looking for money. Her post said, “READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING!!!! This is NOT my go fund me…however, if you would like to send me money I have no issue sending you my Venmo ??‍♀️ ⬅️ and this is what we call a “JOKE” but if you insist and continue to bash me for asking for money (because you can’t read) then here you go! ashley-Martson-1. She hashtagged it with the following:

  • #tlc
  • #90dayfiance
  • #illtakefreemoney
  • #peoplehavetoomuchtimeontheirhands.

Ashley and Jay had a lot of people who rooted for them during the show, but their behavior on Instagram confused a lot of them. With their supposed breakup and then Jay acting like he was gone just days after they posted they were together fans were not happy. People felt the couple were playing with them for show ratings. Plus, a recent post by Jay did not say he was in Jamaica, but his hashtags inferred otherwise. That also made people mad, as they think the couple just want the hype and they suggested the photo was taken in Harrisburg. However, taking it out on Ashley is a bit harsh as she even said on her post about the GoFundMe, “he is NOT in Jamaica.”


Angry Ashley Martson tells off followers

Seemingly sick of the trolls who don’t read posts before they comment, Ashley had something to say. 90 Day Fiance trolls received a good dressing down. Here’s what she said:

  •  “I’m sick of these people’s sh*t. I’m trying to help people so they don’t get scammed. As much of you I know will say “no one would give you money” I jokingly posted my Venmo for ten minutes because someone asked me to and I had four people send me money. In which I returned and deleted my Venmo. So next time I guess I won’t try and help people. Literally cannot win!”
  • “Next time I’ll just let people get scammed. Good lord!”
  • “are you stupid? Can you not read?”
  • “it’s not mine. Do not pay this site”
  • “stfu I literally sent the money back! Someone is jealous they can’t get some of that free money.”


Ashley Martson talks about endorsements and earning from Instagram

When asked why she doesn’t just turn off her Instagram comments, Ashley said that she did. However, it turns out she needs them on because of her endorsements. She wrote, “I get paid for endorsements. Therefore my comments must be turned on.” In fact, for Ashley, trolls bring income. As she pointed out: “Actually…I get paid. Matter of fact every time you comment I make more money from endorsements. So please continue to talk smack. I’ll just sit here and collect.”

What do you think about Jay Smith and Ashley Martson? Do you think it’s wrong to troll Ashley after she said she did not create the GoFundMe? Is Ashley hitting the wall with these trolls, or happy to make money off her endorsements?

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