When Does ‘Little People, Big World’ Come Back in 2019?

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Little People, Big World is a fan favorite on TLC. This show is a huge hit, but right now it is not airing new episodes. The fans have been waiting for it to come back. It turns out that Tori Roloff recently shared on her Instagram about when the show will be back again.

When does the show come back?

On one of her posts, the fans were asking her about when the show would be back again. It turns out that it is coming back soon because they are working on filming it right now. Tori shared that they are close to being done with filming this season. Little People, Big World will return to TLC in the spring of 2019.

TLC normally airs shows around the same time each year. It would make sense for Little People, Big World to air in the spring and summer. They usually film some of the pumpkin season which would have been in October. It takes a bit of time to get the episodes ready, so this timing all lines up perfect.

Could Audrey and Jeremy Roloff return?

This means that the Roloff family is filming over the holidays. Viewers should get to see the Roloff family enjoy Christmas. Tori and Zach Roloff are still on the show. The thing is that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff decided to move on from being on reality television. They did share that from time to time they might end up being on the show if they were around anyway.


Hopefully, that means that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff will make an appearance on the holiday episodes of the show. Fans would love the chance to get to see them again. It would also be great for Molly to make an appearance as well. She isn’t on the show full-time but doesn’t seem against showing up.

Are you excited for a new season of Little People, Big World on TLC? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t miss this show when it comes back in the spring of 2019. Hopefully, an actual return date will come out soon.

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  1. Love. Watching /Little People Big World. I’ve enjoyed watching the kids grow up and the boys now being parents. Love seeing Amy and Chris together.
    Please keep the show

    1. I love this show I love all the family it’s a good wholesome show I’m really excited for a date please let us know!!!!!!!

  2. There’s not to many shows out any more that are wholesome ,decent language real family oriented. These good people opened their door and hearts to us. We’ve got to share all their love,sadness ,feàrs and tears together. When this show is on I’m no longer sitting alone watching TV, I’m watching my extended family for an hour. Please come back soon,can’t wait to hear about your vacation, see how big the grandchildren have gotten and so forth.

  3. I love this show and have been missing it. I’d love to see the whole family together for at least 1 episode.

  4. Love Watching /Little People Big World. I’ve enjoyed watching the kids grow up and the boys now being parents. Can’t wait for the new episodes

  5. I love the show and I think “Little People Big World” should be on Netflix since theres a lot that i haven’t seen but i love the show

  6. I’ve been watching lpbw since the very beginning, and look forward to every new season. I’ll miss not seeing Jeremy and family, but hopefully they will make an appearance once in awhile. I wish the entire family nothing but the very best.

  7. Yes, great show. New generation. I’m sure the newlyweds want their privacy, but it would be awesome to see the family filmed on vacations & family events ☺

  8. i can’t wait for this show to come back on. I keep checking the web site to see when this will happen. Please hurry!

  9. Love, love LPBW, this is a great family show true to every day life. Can’t wait till the next season is aired. How can we get notified of the release date.

  10. An amazing family that still shows love and care despite life’s real highs and lows. It is the tv highlight of my week. Makes me feel good to spend a little time with people who live daily life in an interesting way….can’t wait to see where Matt and Amy’s next adventures take them….just wish I could find new episodes!

  11. I wish Zack and Tori would come back or have their own show. I think they are the hit of the show. Hoping they have a season 20 come out. Thank you

    1. Thank you gor asking the question that have been on all our minds.
      Anxiously awaiting next Episode !! Love this show.
      Warm real people.

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