‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel: Who Is He Dating Now?

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Has Parker Schnabel found a new girlfriend since his very public split with Ashley Youle? A photograph on his social media has fans buzzing whether he has moved on after his public breakup with Ashley. Who is Parker Schnabel dating now?

Who Is Sheena Cowell, The Woman In Photo With Parker Schnabel?

Recently, Gold Rush fans have presumed that Parker has found a new girlfriend. On his Instagram account, Parker Schnabel posted a photo in August, that lacked any sort of caption or explanation. Parker is seated next to an attractive brunette. They are sitting fairly close to each other, with Parker’s arm around her. Both are expressionless, wearing sunglasses. Above them is a sign that says “danger.” The woman is tagged as “Sheena Cowell.” Who is Sheena?

Sheena Cowell, who appears to be a world traveler, describes herself on Instagram as loving both “adventure and carbs.” Who can’t get behind a fearless woman who is not afraid of few carbohydrates? So how did Sheena end up in the Yukon, sitting next to Parker? She works in television production, which includes working alongside Parker Schnabel for three series.

According to The Talent Manager, Sheena has a “strong scientific background.” She has a “passion” for “factual entertainment and documentary programming.” Most importantly, she is the assistant producer for Gold Rush Season 9. She was also the researcher for Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail in Guyana, and Gold Rush Season 8. So is Sheena Parker’s girlfriend? Most likely not. It is very possible that Parker had them take this photo just to throw off the media and fans.

In turn, she does appear to be dating someone that is not Parker Schnabel. Back in July, she had posted a photo of herself all dressed up, alongside a very dapper date, for a wedding in Serbia. The post included #awkwardcouplegoals, which means that she and the mystery man are a couple, and he is definitely not her brother.


Where Is Ashley Youle, Parker’s Old Girlfriend?

Parker recently revealed that when Aussie veterinary nurse, Ashley Youle came to North America, he was burying his grandpa, John Schnabel. Speaking of his dear grandpa, John always told Parker he needed to find someone to share his life with, otherwise, it would all be meaningless. Parker had met Ashley before his grandpa’s death, and her sunny personality clearly helped him during the most difficult time of his life.

As for Ashley, she has been silent on social media for nearly six months. Right before Christmas, she popped back on Instagram, in a post that Parker liked. It should be noted that it does appear she is once again following Parker on Instagram. Earlier in the year, she posted photos of her veterinary work, her dancing and hanging with her brother. Despite her public breakup with the Gold Rush star, the native Australian has been silent about Parker.


Who Is Parker Schnabel Dating?

Right now, Parker is not posting anything dating related on social media, save that photo of him and Sheena. If he had any photos with Ashley Youle, they are all deleted now. This is the same for Ashley as well. Despite Parker following her on Instagram, there are no photos of the couple on her social media. Despite their relationship being documented on a show that was seen around the world, it appears that Parker has now become more selective in what he reveals about his private life.

This is no surprise, as Parker has been hesitant to talk about Ashley post-breakup, as recently seen on The Dirt. When they were dating, he didn’t want the crew to film him kissing Ashley. Although Parker has been on camera for the past nine years, and fans have seen him puke and vent, he may now have decided to be more private when it comes to his love life.

So, is Parker Schnabel dating? Right now, it could be anyone and no one. Parker may have decided that this is the one part of his life that he wants to keep private, thus no posts. Then again, he may just be too busy living his adventurous life to meet someone special, and legitimately not post any photos because none exist.

Who do you think Parker is dating? Share your opinions in the comment section below. Meanwhile, catch Parker Schnabel and all the Gold Rush crew on Friday nights on Discovery.

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