‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Astrid Loch Officially Moves to Canada

Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch Instagram

Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch just made a huge step in their relationship. The Bachelor in Paradise couple is doing great. It was already revealed that they met each other’s parents. Now, Astrid is moving to Canada so that she can live with Kevin.

Astrid Loch shared the details on her Instagram page. The post read, “This summer I took a chance, quit my job, and packed up my apartment…6 months later this PODS storage box and I are getting shipped to Canada. Hope you’re ready for me and all my stuff @kevin.c.wendt.” The fans are really excited to see that this couple is taking the next step. So far, Kevin hasn’t shared a post about her moving to be with him. It does turn out that he told her she should downsize, though, according to another post that Astrid made.


The fans are really excited to see that Kevin and Astrid are doing great together. They almost looked like they were not going to make it at the end of the show. They were able to work it all out in the end.

Kevin and Astrid seem like a perfect match. It may have taken him a few times on reality television to find love, but it finally worked out. Kevin was on Canada’s version of the show, then on The Bachelor: Winter Games and then Bachelor in Paradise.

Another thing about Kevin is that he has recently opened up about having anxiety. He is sharing all about it on his posts and making a lot of people feel more comfortable about revealing they have this issue and getting help.

Do you think that Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt could be one of the next couples to get married? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise when it returns this summer.

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