‘Deadliest Catch’ 2019: Where Are They Now?

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The Deadliest Catch Season 15 will most likely start sometime in April on Discovery, although the crab fishing season has already begun. After fifteen seasons, the crab fishing reality show about the deadliest job in the world has seen a lot of captains and crew members coming in and out. Over the years, there have been some favorites that are not currently on the show. Where are the former Deadliest Catch stars now?

The Time Bandit: Johnathan, Andy and Scott Hillstrand and Mike Fourtner

TV Shows Ace has already reported that former Deadliest Catch Captain Johnathan Hillstrand, who announced his retirement two seasons ago, was planning to return for 2019. Sadly, the Time Bandit had a devastating repair that meant it could not go out for King Crab this season.

What about Andy Hillstrand? Johnathan has stated many times that Captain Andy is on land dealing with operations, although he will take out the Time Bandit for a few runs. The Hillstrands own the many businesses including Time Bandit Fireworks. But it appears Captain Andy’s biggest passion is Hobby Horse Acres, where he has his 17-acre Indiana ranch business along with this wife.


Scott Hllstrand, son of Captain Johnathan, worked on the Time Bandit before his Uncle Andy ceremoniously fired him. Although this clearly upset John, it appears that Scott is happy now. He lives in the Seattle-Tacoma area and owns Hillstrand Construction. But, in the summer of 2017, he had to stop work for back surgery. Will he return to the Bering Sea? Doesn’t sound like it. He had stated on his social media that he has his credentials for being captain on a ship. His goal is to eventually own a yacht and take that luxury boat out in a warmer climate. Doesn’t sound like he plans on chipping ice off the rails of the Time Bandit anytime soon.

As for Mike Fourtner, the hard-working, non-Hillstrand member of the Time Bandit, he quit crab fishing for his family. The father of twin girls Emma and Ella, Mike has a lot going on on dry land. He works for Cummins engines, a marine engine company. A frequent business traveler, he often posts on social media photos of his destinations. He is also a volunteer Firefighter EMT. For a while, he was filming The Fourtner Report for the Discovery Channel. Although this show has ended, many early episodes remain on the Discovery website, as well as YouTube.

The Cornelia Marie: Jake Harris, Derrick Ray and Tony Lara

Everyone wants to know where Jake Harris is. There have been many social media hints that Jake Harris could return to the Cornelia Marie. Captain Josh Harris appears determined to have his little brother return to the boat that holds so many memories attached to their father, Captain Phil. Since his absence from the show, Jake has had a few run-ins with the law. He also met some scam artists and wound up thrown out of a car and left for dead. Although crab fishing is considered the most dangerous job in the world, it sounds like Jake’s land experience has been pretty risky. Will he return to the Deadliest Catch?  TV Shows Ace has already reported that the decision to return is up to Jake Harris.

There is certainly one guy that would not like to see Jake Harris back on a boat and the is former Cornelia Marie captain, Derrick Ray. Brought on to run the boat right after Phil Harris died, Captain Derrick was clearly not a fan of the Discovery cameras, nor the Harris boys, especially Jake. He spoke to Oregon Live that it was “not worth it” to be on the Deadliest Catch. He left crab fishing not long after this televised temporary job, For a while, he worked on the Aleutian Ballad in Ketchikan, Alaska, hosting The Bering Sea Experience. Now he is far from the chills of the Arctic, living in Kona, Hawaii, on a coffee farm he owns with his wife called Kona Tropical Farms.

The other post-Captain Phil Harris-Cornelia Marie captain was Tony Lara. A Harris family friend, Captain Tony was brought on to the Cornelia Marie to teach Captain Josh how to be a captain. The affable captain was there to honor his friend Captain Phil Harris and help out a family during the darkest of times. Sadly, he passed away in Sturgis, South Dakota in 2015. He died in his sleep at a friend’s house. Apparently, he had a heart attack during the famed bike week.

The Maverick, Seabrooke and The Saga: Blake Painter, Scott Campbell Junior and Elliot Neese

Earlier in 2018, Deadliest Catch fans were shocked with they heard that former Maverick captain, Blake Painter, passed away. Although there was nothing official announced about the cause of death, it is assumed that drugs are what killed the 38-year-old. Earlier in the year, Painter had been charged with possession of heroin during a traffic stop. At the time of death, heroin and meth were found by his body. Towards the end of his life, the former crab fisherman suffered from chronic pain, which is not uncommon with other crab fishermen.

A good example of a captain suffering from debilitating pain is the former Seabrooke captain, Scott Campbell Junior. He had to retire at an early age due to back problems. Junior had several surgeries that eventually ended one of the most promising careers of the Bering Sea fleet. He is currently a co-owner of Cordova’s Coolers, as well as the Seabrooke, along with his dad, Senior. He even wrote a book, Giving The Finger: Risking It All To Fish The World’s Deadliest Sea, about fishing on the Bering Sea with his dad. Right now, it sounds like he is trying to get out fishing again. According to his social media, he appears to have gone out on a “test run” on presumably the Seabrooke. Does this mean that Captain Scott will be returning to crab fishing or even the Deadliest Catch?

One captain that once vowed to return to crab fishing and the Discovery show is Elliot Neese. Originally the captain of the Ramblin’ Rose before he was the captain of the Saga, he was the young gun, proving to everyone that he was as good as the veteran captains. His personal problems and crew issues caused him a lot of chaos. By the end of season 11, he completed a 60-day stint in rehab at Passages in Malibu. Then in 2016, he went through Ibogaine detox and now he is now clean. Besides promoting this as a way to get clean, Captain Elliott has been busy spearfishing! He has also spent some time in Alaska, but there is no word on whether he will be returning to the Deadliest Catch.

Do you have a favorite Deadliest Catch captain or crew member that you want to return for season 15? Have you been keeping up with former Deadliest Catch stars? Please share your thoughts in the comments, and the new season of the Deadliest Catch Season 15 will return to Discovery in the Spring of 2019.

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  1. I want to thank you all for all these years of laughs and experiences that you brought to the show. The Bait has been special too. Thanks again my friends.

  2. I just love deadliest catch it’s brilliant how they manage to stay alive in that sea. It’s 100% pure commitment hats of to each and everyone of use. I live in Elgin Morayshire in Scotland a long long way away. Be safe out there

  3. Hi I just love the TIMEBANDIT thet are a crazy bush of guys.One thing is sadly missed is PHILL.I am from ontario and I watch the deadliest catch all the time.Is the 2019 going to start or not.I see there is no reruns now .I am going to miss them all HELL OF A SHOW GO WORK.

    1. I miss Captain Phil from Cornelia Marie and sad that he’s no longer here, but the best captain to take over that ship is his older son, because he would be a great captain.

  4. Here’s to hope that it will return for 2019. My son, Ivan, is a crab fisherman in Oregon, and even though it is scary to watch sometimes, I love the thrill of the ocean. I am a member of our Charleston Fisherman’s Memorial, we honor the fishermen with a Blessing of the Fleet every May…

  5. I’ve enjoyed watching Deadliest Catch for years but the Time Bandit is a must for me so please put them back on the show.

  6. My favorite is summer bay deck boss nick mcglason he is awesome. Kudos to captain jake Anderson and I love all the guys on the deadliest catch can’t wait for season 15 to start !!

  7. I too miss the Time Bandit😩, I understand they had some serious issues with their boat and weren’t able to make season 15 either. I love this show and have been watching since season 1, episode 1. Looking forward with baited breath….

  8. John hillstrand was 1 of the best I really missed seeing him on the timebandit
    I have watched deadliest catch from season 1 I cried when Phil Harris was in hospital n even more when he died rip Phil forever your son is going to be a success

  9. I have watched Deadliest Catch since season 1 and re-watched all the seasons twice more. I miss Captain Phil Harris, I am missing John Hillstrand’s comedic relief, he is so fun to watch. The only draw back to the show the last couple of seasons it seems like the Jake Anderson show, not really fond of Jake and his complaining week after week, but I do enjoy the Wizard crew, as well as Josh and the Cornelia Marie crew. Sean Dwyer and the Brenna A seems like a nice calming add to the show in recent seasons. Hope all the crews have a safe season this year, good luck guys.

  10. Love Deadliest Catch! What the guys do is awesome! It is a very tough job! When I eat that expensive crab , I remember what they go through catching them! The earn every penny for sure!

  11. @Perry Douglas – one million percent behind you there my friend. Elliot Neese belongs in the Brig, not the wheelhouse.

    Agree also, Jake Anderson is a whiner. Jake, pull your head in and be a Captain, not a child!

    Everyone Else, Looking forward to another year of yelling at you all on the TV.

  12. I’ve been watching since season one and I really miss Jonathan Hillstran it’s going to be hard for me to watch another season without the time bandit if they let that punk Elliot knees back on that might be a dealbreaker I love the show or I would have a comment

  13. I love all the Captains and love the show. I don’t like Elliott because he’s a major whiner. Captain Jake Anderson needs to get a grip before he ends up having a heart attack. There is no need to scream and yell like he does. Hope Capt. Johnathan and Capt. Andy come back on. I like Capt. Casey on the Cornelia Marie because he brings a calm to the wheelhouse. Don’t forget Capt. Wild Bill. I hope his son Zack reconciles with his father. You could tell how hurt Bill was when Zack said he was leaving the boat.

  14. What about Edgar? He got into some trouble, hope he wont be back. That was some serious accusations that turned out to be true. Thats a damn shame

  15. What happened with Edgar must have missed that episode. I agree with everyone about Elliott needed..not a good role model at all.all of the Captains are so well appreciated and looked up to for the fine work they do in promoting this kind of hard work and ethics they show. My favorite show by far….kathy wolters

  16. Where is Sid ? Is Sid going to be back for season 15? We love the Northwestern, will you comment on Sid and his daughter? We love Deadliest Catch, and want them back. We love crab, and will continue to buy this wonderful food.

  17. I just wish Sig would quit those cigarettes altogether!!!!!!!!! They are going to kill him for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on Sig, you don’t want to miss out on all of your grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sig and Jonathan are huge draws for me. The loss of Phil Harris still stands as the worst thing to happen on the show in all the years, although loss of life at sea is just horrible.

  19. I really have enjoyed everything about this show. Have been watching it since first season. Don’t bring Elliott back-that is trouble waiting to happen. I really love Jake Anderson, he has really matured and has taken a very hard start to life and turned it around. He is a great role model. He fought his demons and won!!! He is a good captain and I hope he becomes a partner in the Saga, Just watch the stressing about stuff Jake-it is not good for your health. Look at Sig and his issues with his heart. All of you be careful and stay safe out there.

  20. Love, Love, Love Deadliest Catch. I love all the captains. I miss several from the early seasons (Captain Phil, The Hillstrands). I will have to say, Sig is my favorite. Please take good care of yourself, Sig.

    I’m so proud of Jake and all that he has accomplished. I believe he has an incredible future ahead of him and will only get better with time. Hang in their Jake; you are destined for great things. I worry about Jake being so stressed, take care of yourself young man. You have 2 precious children who need you.

    I have all the captains on my prayer list and pray for their safety and health regularly.

  21. My avid “FAN” Prowess signifies not only my love of the Ocean but of all the Men and Women that have lost their lives to this deadly industry. I do, as most say-commend you hard work, diligence and Love of the craft.
    When I met the Brothers Two “Keith” & “Monte” (mouse), in late summer 2016, Gresham, Oregon, standing between the two of them was awe inspiring. To have met them, watch their hearts go out each moment for another String, to carry on their much earned paycheck. Of course I stand a mid 5′ feet if that, but their stature goes beyond not only their height but command of “That Bering Sea” I wish to send out to the Coburn Brothers a sympathy echo for their loss of “Pops”. He now rests upon the Deck of “The Wizard” holding his magic wand over crew, travels and his Sons.
    I thank you for sharing yourselves with Us, the ones that GET to watch and endure with You. I always light a candle each day during King Crab Season plus~~~~~~~~~~~~Deni Z Pacific NW Born and Raised yep on crab….

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