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‘Storage Wars’ Auction Lockers In Middle Of Farrah Fawcett Estate Lawsuit

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When a savvy Storage Wars star buys a celebrity storage locker, odds are, they hit the jackpot. Not in the case of the Farrah Fawcett storage lockers that Rene Nezhoda and Casey Nezhoda recently purchased. The reality stars found themselves in the midst of a nasty celebrity lawsuit.

Rene and Casey Buy Farrah Fawcett’s Storage Locker

Back in 2016, Rene and Casey Nezhoda purchased a Farrah Fawcett storage locker in San Diego. The couple explained in their YouTube video that they paid $3,500 for a locker that promised a lot of collectibles.

Rene said that Farrah had several storage lockers where she stored her memorabilia when she was alive. Allegedly, these lockers held everything from her driver’s license to other collectibles, which they believe included that infamous red bathing suit.

What Rene and Casey Didn’t Know

Unbeknownst to the Storage Wars stars, the couple reportedly didn’t know that others had gone in and took what they wanted before they were auctioned off. Nothing of significant value remained, and allegedly the storage facilities put the rest up for auction.

It turns out that the Charlie’s Angels star had willed these storage lockers to a relation of the Charlie’s Angel star. along with $500,000. According to The Blast, that reportedly had originally happened was that relative hired David Pinsky to catalog and organize these storage locker assets. Allegedly, he came trusted as he was a close friend of Farrah’s. It appears, Pinsky came back to the relative stating that there was undesirable merchandise such as damaged outdoor furniture inside the lockers. Thus, it may be assumed that the relation didn’t pursue obtaining the contents inside.

It turns out that this “friend” was working on behalf of Fawcett’s former manager Richard Francis and Ryan O’Neal, who was Farrah’s long-term partner until her 2009 death. Allegedly, it was not until the relation began to notice an abundance of Farrah Fawcett memorabilia on online auction sites that he realized that they had been scammed.

Storage Lockers ‘Cherry Picked’

Allegedly, that relation is now suing the trio of David Pinsky, Richard Francis and Ryan O’Neal over the contents inside of the storage lockers. They want a full inventory of items, as well as the full return of the memorabilia.

Obviously, Rene and Casey purchased the storage locker legally, and have even planned to sell the meager contents inside, hoping to break even. It is not clear if they will be required to allow Farrah’s relation to check out the items before they are sold.

Adding insult to injury, this auction was reportedly filmed for a Storage Wars Farrah Fawcett special, but because the lockers were “cherry-picked” the episode lost its appeal. It may never be shown on television. Nonetheless, they have a good story to tell.

This is not the first dramatic Storage Wars headlines of late. Auctioneer Dan Dotson recently revealed that he sold a storage locker with a safe containing $7.5 million dollars inside. Although this was not filmed for the popular show, this story may have piqued the interest of those who may want to go on their own storage locker treasure hunt.

What do you think this Storage Wars story? Do you think that Farrah Fawcett’s relation will get the collectibles back? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t miss watching the new episodes of Storage Wars Season 12 on Wednesdays on A&E.

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