Lauren Bushnell Reveals What She Learned From Dating Ben Higgins

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Lauren Bushnell won Ben Higgin’s heart on his season of The Bachelor. Although they were a cute couple, they didn’t end up making it. Ben later went on to star in The Bachelor Winter Games where he was emotional and missed Lauren. He wasn’t ready or able to find new love.

Despite the ending to their relationship, Lauren told Us Weekly that she has learned a lot from her past relationships and grown in the process and she is sharing what she learned to help others.

Advice From Lauren Bushnell

“I feel like lately I’ve really just been focusing on making myself happy and focusing on, ‘Wait. What is it that I actually want? What do I want? Not that my parents want for me or someone else wants for me, not what they want, or me trying to make them happy. What do I want? What do I want in a partner, what do I want in life?” Bushnell explained.

Lauren went on to stress the importance of making sure things that are important to you before the relationship are still important to you when you’re in a relationship. She says keeping things as a priority is important and eventually someone else with the same priority will come along.

Lauren’s Most Recent Breakup

Ben Higgins taught Lauren a lot, but he isn’t the only man she’s dated and learned from. Her most recent break up was with Devin Antin. The pair broke up just this past summer. Lauren said it was time for her to figure out what she wanted for herself, not what other people want for her.

Now, Lauren is dating Chris Lane, a country singer. Bushnell is using her own advice now to make sure she is happy in her relationship Instead of letting other people’s priorities come before her own. It’s very important for Lauren to learn to do what she wants to do and not do things that other people, like her parents, want her to do. By the looks of her Instagram posts, she seems to be following her own advice well.

What do you think of Lauren Bushnell’s advice? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t miss The Bachelor premiere January 7 on ABC.

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