Rumors Fly Jeremiah Duggar is Courting As He is Spotted With Girl

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Jeremiah Duggar is one of the Duggars that hasn’t revealed he is courting yet. He is at the right age, though. Now, rumors are flying that Jeremiah might have a special woman in his life. 19-year-old twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar are the next eligible bachelors in the family, so expect these rumors to go wild. Everyone loves a Duggar wedding.

Duggar family friend Elijah Kaneshiro shared some pictures of a night out with friends. They showed Jeremiah there and what everyone noticed was that there was a girl at the table with them. This could easily be a Duggar date. When they are dating, they are doing what they call courting. They take other people along as chaperones. They were not alone, so it would fit perfectly. Fans are assuming that he is either courting or that this is a girl they are working on setting him up.

Jeremiah Duggar doesn’t have any social networks. You normally don’t get these as a Duggar until you start courting. You also have to have revealed the fact that you are courting. That means that there is nowhere that Jeremiah would be posting clues that he has found love. Duggars usually wait to make sure their relationship is working before they tell the world about it. It is never fun to have to reveal to the world that you had a failed courtship.

The fans have always made it clear that they think that Jeremiah is the cuter of the twins. He could end up finding a girl pretty easy if he wants to. Jana Duggar hasn’t started courting yet and has revealed that she is picky. She wants to find the right guy and not just settle for courting anyone that comes along. Everyone is also hoping for a Bates and Duggar courtship at some time. Maybe Jeremiah will announce he has found the girl of his dreams soon.

Do you think that Jeremiah Duggar is courting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t miss watching the new episodes of Counting On when they return to TLC. This week you can see a special all about John-David Duggar and Abbie Duggar’s wedding.

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